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March 19, 2019

A Salon Owner’s Social Media Tips Can Help your Photography Studio!

Jesseca Dupart is owner of Kaleidoscope Hair Studio based in New Orleans, LA, and the strategies she used to grow her business (and her social media following) are featured in this Forbes article, The 5 Tactics this Founder Used to Master Social Media and Grow Her Business Nationwide. In it, she shares the ins and outs of successfully building a brand on social media… and considering that her online following is more than one million, Dupart is certainly one to learn from.

Here are a few takeaways that photographers may be able to learn from:

  1. "Social media shouldn't be taken for granted; some see it as something to use between friends, but it's a free tool that can elevate your business, too."
  2. "Focus on the things that are unique to you. Make the best use of that space by showcasing what makes you different."
  3. "Run your race at your own pace and don't compare your beginning stages to an established brand that has been operating for a while."

Get the rest of Dupart's social media tips here.