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May 04, 2020

If You’re Interested in Seeing 3 Modern Studio Spaces From the Comfort of Your Own Home, Check Out William Morton’s Texas-Based Studios!

In this edition of “What’s in Your Studio?”, we will be showcasing not one, not two, but THREE  modern studios! PPA Member William Morton purchased three studio spaces in 2015 with the idea of renting them out to commercial photographers. Morton renovated two of the large studio spaces with coves—one large enough to accommodate cars! The second space was fitted with a "natural light" roll-up door.

William Morton

The largest studio was originally painted for green screen, with carpeted walls to help with acoustics during video production.
“We've continued to optimize that space for video, adding lighting to "pre-light" the cove wall,” says Morton. “We also built in its own makeup room/green room for talent, with a window to overlook the shooting area.” If clients need a touch-up, the studio houses a professional makeup store down the hall, allowing for easy access to everything from beauty supplies to special effects. With more than 2 decades of experience as a commercial makeup artist, Morton’s better half was focused on making the studios "prettier" than most. To keep their space from looking like a dull, dark warehouse, they focused on adding brightness and color in the common areas.


“We want to impress not just our renters but the clients they bring in, much like a boutique portrait studio does.” 

In addition to his two massive studio spaces, there is also a smaller studio for headshots and tabletop photography. To give their clients the best lighting options possible, Morton added Westcott continuous lighting on a rail system in this studio. This space was specifically designed for quick and easy headshots, and is available on an hourly basis. To provide renters with the best experience for their photo sessions, Morton ensures that every studio is clean and stocked with extra amenities like grip gear, rental lighting, and even high-speed wifi. As Morton puts it, “I look for continual improvements to better serve our renters (and myself). There's something special about walking into a large, clean space with everything you might need other than your camera and specific lighting.”

Morton’s team ensures that renters have a positive and memorable experience by focusing on responsive and proactive communication with clients. To improve the customer experience,  there is always someone up front to welcome and escort both renters and clients to their space and to help coordinate things like catering deliveries. After the sessions are over, Morton follows up to see if there was anything that could be improved upon during the session. Unlike the other studios we’ve featured, Morton’s studios aren’t just  spaces you can rent out for photo shoots. According to Morton, “We host not only photo and video shoots but also classes, workshops, mixers, fashion shows, catered luncheons, pop-up shops, and more. We even had a Super Bowl commercial filmed in our studios!” At the end of each session, to help create a sense of community and connection, Morton makes an effort to promote his clients on his social media page.

William Morton

Thank you so much for your contribution, William!

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