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July 16, 2019

Two Speakers That You Don’t Want to Miss at Imaging USA 2020

If you are thinking about attending Imaging USA 2020 in Nashville  but haven’t made up your mind yet, here are two reasons why you’ve got to come; Jim Kwik and Vanessa Van Edwards – the two keynote speakers this year!

Ever heard of Kwik Learning? That’s right! The founder, and world famous speaker, Jim Kwik is an expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. Kwik has worked with students; seniors, entrepreneurs, educators, CEO’s, and celebrities for the past twenty years helping them use more of their brainpower.  Kwik’s cutting edge techniques, entertaining presentation style, and immersive brainpower have made him a frequently sought out trainer for companies like Nike, SpaceX, Fox Studios, and even Harvard University.


Published author and behavioral investigator, Vanessa Van Edwards, is also coming to Imaging! Edwards writes columns regularly for the Huffington Post, CNN, Fast Company and Forbes.  She explores neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology research of leadership. Her writing is full of data and science that she has turned into tips to help the common man become a better leader .Her investigative findings have been featured on Wall Street Journal, CNN, and the Today Show. In addition to writing she also publicly speaks about her findings and tips she has developed over time. She has spoken to companies like American Express and Symantec Corporation.


So you see – you really can’t afford to miss it! Sign up for Imaging USA 2020 today!  PPA members can save up to $50 on their registration fee up until November 6, 2019.