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March 09, 2020

Are You Ready to Master the Art of Photography Lighting?! Check Out this Week’s Article Roundup for Advice on Color Contrast, RGB Lights and Much More

The top 10 photography lighting facts you should know

Lighting is fundamental in determining how your subject will appear in photos. The proper light source can transform your subject in a matter of seconds which is why it’s important to always frame them properly. In this Popular Photography article, Dan Richards will walk you through 10 lighting techniques that can elevate any style of photography! 

Richard covers lighting tips ranging from how the broadness v. narrowness of your light source will impact your subject to how color temperature can change the look of your piece. By the last tip, you’ll be ready to approach your lighting from a new perspective. 

If you’re interested in exploring different lighting techniques with your subjects, then this article is for you! 


Instantly Level up Your Photos and Videos by Implementing Color Contrast

Color is one of the first things people notice when looking at an image, so why not give them a photo that grabs their attention? When color is juxtaposed, it immediately makes a piece visually appealing and will bring the viewer’s focus directly to the subject. This is why Eli Dreyfuss emphasizes the importance of using complementary color schemes in this Fstoppers article. 

In addition, Dreyfuss incorporates a video from the Aputure YouTube channel that is chock-full of color contrast techniques, setups and much more, so you can experiment in contrasting your upcoming sessions.

After you’re done reading, you’ll be able to bring your images to life with the power of color contrast. 

To learn more about using this style in your work, head over to this article! 


Three Ways to Use RGB Lights in Your Portrait Work

RGB lights are a great way to play around with the hue and the saturation of your subjects with minimal effort. In this PetaPixel article, Matthew Hamilton helps us learn three essential ways to manipulate RGB lights which are useful in adding depth and dimension into different works.

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to walk away with a new addition to your photography light setup. 

What are you waiting for, check out this article now! 


These articles will help you improve your lighting skills, but there are always new techniques to learn from. At PPA, we strive to give our members new resources, so they can constantly build on the style of their craft. To learn everything you could ever want and more about improving your photography skills, join PPA today to become a part of a community that is just as passionate about learning as you are.