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August 19, 2021

7 Tools to Help Clients See the Difference

Anyone can “snap a picture,” but creating a breath-taking image takes far more skill and experience. PPA’s See the Difference campaign provides PPA members with marketing materials that show consumers the difference hiring a professional photographer makes. This unique initiative empowers you to use web, print, and social media to reach a wider audience while simultaneously educating these potential clients on the knowledge and customer service that a professional provides.

Keep scrolling to see 7 tools you can start using today to inform your clients and market your photography business.  

Customizable Brochures

These describe in detail the technical skills, artistry, and professionalism clients can expect from a PPA photographer. Photographers can edit the brochures by downloading the template and inserting their own images and studio information. They can be printed and displayed at studios or local businesses and handed out at expos.

Shareable Videos 

These high-quality clips can be streamed from a photographer’s website, posted on social media pages, or played in a studio. Designed to pull at consumers’ heartstrings, the videos feature real clients sharing their personal stories and talking about why it’s so important to hire a professional.

Consumer Tips

FAQs help clients and prospects understand what to look for when evaluating photographers. Downloadable “Tips” or “FAQ” buttons can be added to a website or Facebook page and linked to the See The Difference consumer tips or FAQ page. Download the tips here

Side-By-Side Comparisons

Download templates, insert your own photos, and then make an amateur version of the same images. The comparison should demonstrate the composition, posing, lighting, and retouching that a professional applies. Add the side-by-side images to your website or frame them for use in your studio. You could even run a slideshow on a monitor in your waiting room. Get started here.

Facebook Campaign

The Facebook Campaign Starter Pack helps you take your business's social media to the next level. Even if you’ve never used Facebook paid advertising before, these tools make it easy to set up your first campaign and get your work in front of your ideal clients.

Pre-Session Consultation Guide 

Creating great photographs is only part of being successful as a professional photographer.  After all, as a small business owner, you want to deliver both stunning images and a great experience to your clients. That’s no small task. That’s why thorough planning before a session is so important; it ensures you and your client are on the same page and gives you the opportunity to address any misunderstandings that could potentially sour your customer’s experience. The best way to do this is through a pre-session consultation where you meet with the client (in-person or virtually) and discuss their photoshoot. Check out Pre-Session Consultations: A Photographer’s Guide for more tips on how to get the most out of this type of meeting with your client.


Pinterest for Business Guide 

With over 320 million active users, Pinterest is one of the largest and fastest-growing social media networks. The image-centric nature of Pinterest makes it an ideal way for you as a photographer to present your skills and images to a larger audience who is eager to see what you have to offer. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, don’t worry. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you navigate the Wild West of social media marketing. Learn to leverage your marketing efforts with Pinterest for Business: A Photographer’s Guide.

Set yourself apart from the competition and help clients see what you bring to the table that an amateur simply can't. Visit the See the Difference page to learn more about these resources.