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May 12, 2020

7 Educational and Inspirational Podcasts that Should be on Every Professional Photographer’s Radar!

Podcasts can offer everything from the newest product and software reviews and new photography techniques to inspiring stories, project ideas and business tips and strategies. They are a super convenient way to gain fresh perspectives and grow your photography business and are available on platforms that you probably already have access to including Spotify, Itunes, and Youtube! The best part? Unlike books and videos, podcasts can be taken with you to listen while doing other activities like commuting, exercising, cleaning your camera equipment or even organizing your photography studio space! With so many options available to you at the click of a button, why not give these podcasts a try: 


B&H Photography Podcast

If you’re looking for an upbeat podcast that features a new guest every week and covers a wide variety of topics, the B&H Podcast with Allan Weitz is a great choice. Each week, this podcast dives into photography topics including essential gear, photography history, science, art, and techniques. The most recent episode features Ekow Eshun and goes in depth about his new book, Africa State of Mind. Eshun and Weitz discuss how over 50+ African photographers came together to capture over 250 beautiful, contemporary images from across the African continent. Eshun explains his goal of the project; to see the work that he and these photographers could create when combining multiple lenses, perspectives, and styles. Transport yourself to the African continent by listening to the rest of this podcast! Interested in seeing how the book turned out? Grab a copy of Africa State of Mind for yourself! 

Every B&H episode will give you an insightful look at the world of photography, so head over to this podcast and give it a listen. 


Creative Warriors

In this podcast, Jeffrey Shaw works to unite entrepreneurs and creative small business owners to form a strong, supportive community. To help you pave the way to success for you and your business, Shaw features leading authors, notable creatives, and accomplished entrepreneurs to give you a deeper insight into running a successful and sustainable business. Each episode will leave you with actionable items to help you grow your business and cover topics like social media management, time management, and marketing strategy, just to name a few!

If you love learning new ways to improve your business strategies, this podcast should definitely be on your list! 


The Candid Frame 

Each episode of this podcast, hosted by Ibarionex Perello, focuses on in-depth conversations with emerging photographers, as well as some of the most well-known photographers about their personal creative journeys. In episode 511, Perello hosts none other than Isadora Kosofsky, the prominent documentary photographer, photojournalist, and filmmaker. During this hour-long session, Kosofsky shares how she initially wanted to be a journalist- inspired by the injustices she witnessed within her own family. This ignited her desire to make a difference in the world through her work. After the death of her grandmother, Kosofosky subconsciously turned to her first project of documentary photography, where she photographed people in hospice care at the age of 14. This early project ultimately served as the “seeds” necessary to grow her documentary skills to where they are today. Interestingly enough, Kosofsky goes on to mention that she didn’t learn how to be a photographer from her first project, but instead discovered the vital skillset needed to become a storyteller. 

If you’re excited to hear more about Kosofsky’s journey and want to learn the stories of the other guests, add this podcast to your list!

Get Your Shoot Together

In this series, Mary Fisk-Taylor and Kira Derryberry walk you through common issues faced by photographers today. Episode topics cover things like photo sessions, marketing, and finding a balance between business and work life. On their latest episode, "Taking the Time to Learn," Derryberry shares her experience using Capture One as well as insights on her Nikon 7 mirrorless camera. The pair also takes some time to discuss overcoming challenges, and what to do when things don’t go your way among. Some of their latest episodes include: Psychology of Sales Samples, Imposter Syndrome, and Creating Client Gratitude, so there is bound to be something that speaks to you.

If you are looking for real discussions on topics professional photographers deal with everyday, this is definitely a podcast for you!


Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik on Apple Podcasts 

It’s time to retrain your brain! In this series, Jim Kwik has broken down his favorite memory shortcuts so that you can use them to learn (and retain!) information in a fraction of the time! Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out with your business, everyone can use a helping hand to stay one step ahead of their competitors. In his latest episode, Kwik is going to help you better understand what drives you. During this session, you’ll discover how to discipline yourself into completing the tasks that seem most difficult for you and get you one step closer to the successful career results you desire. By the end of his episode, you’ll walk away with a new mindset on steps you can take to have limitless motivation! 

Start your Kwik journey today, and use this podcast to change your career in under 25 minutes!


Picture This: Photography Podcast

In this podcast by Chelsea and Tony Northrup, you’ll go on a weekly adventure exploring photography technology, history, and photographer’s personalities. In their latest 15 minute session, “Should You Upgrade Your Camera Gear?”, the duo discuss when it’s a good time to invest in your gear. Before you invest in anything, you should rationalize why you want to purchase the specific gear in question. Hint: It shouldn’t be based solely in a desire to have more equipment! Ask yourself questions like: “How will this new gear create more revenue for me?”, “Will this new equipment help me stand out among the competition and bring me a larger client base?”, and “Can my money be better spent on something else for my photography career?”.

These are all crucial questions when determining the best way to invest in new equipment for your business. To learn more about what the Northups have to say on this topic (and others!), be sure to explore the rest of the podcast.



If you’re looking for a podcast that incorporates both humor and fantastic information on a wide variety of photography related topics, this podcast by PPA’s very own Booray Perry and Gary Hughes, should be on your list! In their latest podcast, 248- Frankenstein Macaque, the hosts discuss Canon’s photography news update announcing a delay in the R6, the music they would take into insolation, and Booray’s interesting bar interaction after attending Imaging USA. This dynamic duo also offers a "Bombs Away" segment where they open the floor for their listeners to ask them questions about any topic, photography related or not! The latest episode from this segment covered questions ranging from their favorite Disney park to whether automation will end the photographic industry. 

To get involved in all the fun of this series, be sure to tune into this podcast! 


To discover more podcasts tailored to your photography niche, feel free to search through different platforms until you find one that speaks to you. There are a ton of excellent suggestions from the photography community on theLoop!  If you’re looking for more photography guidance, create a free account and to unlock the 1000s of videos in  PPAedu’s free educational platform until the end of May.