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August 09, 2018

6 Tips for Safe Newborn Photo Shoots

Newborn infants aren’t props nor are they the same as child or adult clients. Newborns are fragile and need extensive care to make sure the photos come out great and everything runs smoothly. Here are six easy-to-remember tips that will keep the baby safe and the parents happy as you shoot:

  1. Don’t use electric heating pads. These can quickly overheat the baby and sometimes burn them. It’s best to keep them warm with a blanket instead.
  2. Don’t make the studio too hot. Again, this is an issue of overheating the child you’re photographing.
  3. Do natural poses. Don’t position or twist a newborn in unusual positions. You may hurt them, so don’t force anything. A great pose to use is having the baby lay on someone’s stomach.
  4. Support the baby as much as possible. Always have someone holding and supporting the baby as you take photos. Never leave the infant to balance on their own because they may fall.
  5. Clean your studio. Infants have weak immune systems, so make sure you sanitize all props before and after, and keep some hand sanitizer nearby for when someone wants to touch the baby.
  6. Stay away if you’re sick. If you have the tiniest of sore throats, reschedule your session because you don’t want to risk getting the baby sick.

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