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July 26, 2018

6 Common Sales Mistakes Photographers Make

Being a professional photographer doesn’t mean you take solely photos. You have to be able to navigate the world of business and sales, and put in the hard work. Bruce and Josh Hudson share their insight on how to make great sales, and the mistakes you’re making right now.

Six common sales mistakes photographers make:

  1. You don’t define yourself. You control the way clients perceive you, so don’t be afraid to tell them all about yourself and your work. If you don’t define yourself, clients will do it for you, and that isn’t always the best.
  2. Your marketing is too generic. Narrowing your market can help you become the best in your specialty. Spreading yourself too thin won’t set you aside from your competition.
  3. You’re too virtual. Don’t be afraid to sit down in front of clients and show them how much work you put into your art. When the product is sitting in front of them, they can see the details and how their photos will turn out, persuading them to buy from you.
  4. You make it too easy. Expect clients to put some amount of work into a shoot, otherwise the shoot won’t turn out as well as it could. Along with that, clients who put more energy into their photos will purchase more at the end.
  5. You don’t show what you sell. You have to give clients a tangible item in order to sell. Otherwise they may not fully understand what they’re buying and will be less inclined to purchase from you.
  6. You focus on today’s paycheck instead of tomorrow’s dividends. It’s easy to send your client a disc of your shoot, but adding a personal touch to the way you present your clients with their images can determine whether or not your business will continue to succeed and grow. Creating an in-person sales system for your business will make a great impression on your customers and keep them coming for years to come.

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