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May 27, 2020

Stay Connected with Your Fellow Creators: Head to theLoop Today to Discuss 50mm Lenses, External Hard Drives, Video Editing Software and More

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“$350 fee for Cancelling”

The author of this post applied to work for a local photography business, and is feeling skeptical at some of the company’s employment terms including a $350 fee for cancelling or arriving late to a session detailed in the contract. Many Loopers in this thread have advised the author to trust her gut when making a final decision. 

There’s a lot of great content in this thread relating to contracts and the legal side of running your photography business, so join the conversation if you have any insights to share! If you’re searching for more information on contracts and non-disclosure agreements after browsing through this thread, be sure to check out PPA’s resource on NDAs which gives a more in-depth look into this topic. 


“Video editing software”

This Looper is looking for advice on programs for editing video captured with his Sony a7III camera. Some of the best programs to get started, according to Loopers who replied to the post, are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (especially if the author of the post is already using these programs to edit his images). More popular suggestions are Adobe Premiere, FinalCut X, Filmora, PowerDirector, Camtasia Studio, and Snagit. If you want to add suggestions of your own, reply to this thread to help this Looper out. 

For more editing tips, check out this PPA webinar: “Managing Workflow in Lightroom” with Eddie Tapp (M. Photog. MEI. Cr., CPP. API). 


“External hard drives”

Have you ever purchased a hard-drive for an older desktop computer? That’s the problem the author of this post is facing when researching external hard drive options for her 2014 Mac desktop computer. She purchased a new desktop hard drive recently, but is still in the market for a new external hard drive. This Looper’s specialty is insect photography, and she runs a blog to show off her work. One popular suggestion as a place to check out was Western Digital external hard drives. Have other suggestions for this Looper? Join the conversation!

For more storage tips, read this article from Professional Photographer Magazine: “Best Practices for Backing Up Images” written by Betsy Finn, M. Photog., Cr. 

“50mm lens recommendation for Nikon”

This Looper is in the market for a new 50mm Nikon lens. Many fellow photographers have shared their suggestions, including the Nikon AF 50mm f/1.4D, the 1.8 G lens, the 1.8 S lens, and more. Some of those who contributed to this post also included vibrant photos that were taken with their Nikon 50mm lenses. Many Loopers also concluded that the type of camera body being used is very important to consider when shopping for a new lens. To learn about 50mm lens suggestions or to share your knowledge, reply to this thread today. 

To get an in-person look at a variety of photography gear brands, check out the Trade Show at Imaging USA 2021


“Triple Scoop $60 Gift Code”

This post, published by PPA’s member value coordinator, Lauryn Washington, shares a $60 gift card for Triple Scoop Music. Use this gift code to purchase music for your photography business needs. This post is a great resource for anyone who may be struggling to find their personal gift code on their MyPPA account, or needs help figuring out how to use their code to complete a purchase. If you had any questions about the Triple Scoop discount, then check out this conversation today. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the most popular conversations this past week on theLoop. Remember, community is a powerful resource for staying connected with your fellow photographers especially during difficult or uncertain times. 

For more business advice and photography tips, head to PPA’s library of educational video content, unlocked with a free PPA account through the end of May.