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October 18, 2018

5 Ways Photographers Psych Themselves Out

Photographers are often their own worst enemies! There's usually 5 common ways that many photographers psych themselves out.

1. "I don’t live in a market where people spend that kind of money."
This is a common fear when one begins to sell a product. However, no matter where you live, there will be a market and all kinds of people within it who are willing to invest in photography. Try not to make any assumptions about your clientele because that will hold you back. The world will surprise you.

2. "My clients only want digital files."
Customers want to buy digital files because often that’s all they know exists. Make it known that you sell products other than digital files. Show them some examples of your prints, and from the beginning, make them aware that physical artwork will be the final product of the photo shoot. They might still want digital images, but printed photos will seem more appealing in comparison if you help them understand their value.

3. "What if no one buys anything?"
It'd be unreasonable to think that every client that walks through your door will buy something, but it's also irrational to think no one will. Clients will see the beauty of the photos you will create and will be excited to invest in your art. Don't be afraid to display your art and express to your client its value.

4. "I'm not good at sales."
You don’t have to be an expert salesman to sell something you believe in. Think of your client when selling, what they want, and what would be best for them. Remember the photos are of them, and it’s something they’ll cherish for a long time. Guide them through the purchasing process, and show them what your work looks like hanging on a wall.

5. "It's too much work and takes a lot of time."
If you're not putting in the work, you'll never sell anything. Traveling to see clients, printing out images, and holding design consultations can take hours, but when clients finally purchase your images for thousands of dollars, it'll make it all worth it.

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