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June 25, 2019

5 Reasons to Join the Faces of PPA Campaign

Your photography is much more than a business. You have a story, a passion, and a unique sense of creativity– and the Faces of PPA campaign provides an opportunity to share that side of you with potential clients and other professionals.

In the spirit of exposure and promotion, PPA created a program that recognizes our members, veteran and new, called Faces of PPA. Faces of PPA is an ongoing campaign that helps promote professional photographers behind the lens all over the world, and there are several reasons why YOU should be a part of it.

  1. Trend on social media: In this digital age, social media engagement is becoming more and more essential for business growth – and the Faces of PPA campaign is one great way to get your art and business in front of clients and colleagues on the most popular social media platforms for photographers. So it’s important that your photograph says a lot about what you do for a living and how well you do it!
  2. Get the attention of thousands of magazine subscribers: Your Faces of PPA profile could be featured in our Professional Photographer magazine! That’s right! Each month, one photographer is selected from the Faces of PPA gallery and printed in our award-winning magazine, which is distributed to thousands of subscribers. Submitting an exceptional photograph that is in the suggested resolution, and thoughtful answers in your profile, will certainly help your chances!
  3. Be found on our website: Did you know that when you create your Faces of PPA profile, you would be searchable by clients and other photographers? Yes, really! Try it right now! Go to and find the profiles of photographers around your area. 
  4. Let others learn from your experience: This campaign creates an opportunity for you to share your growth and experience as a photographer and PPA member.  So, if PPA has helped you and your business – or given you an opportunity to help others, don’t keep it to yourself! Here’s your chance to help other photographers understand why you became a part of PPA.
  5. Update your profile: If your Faces of PPA profile was published years ago and since then, you have gotten several degrees, upped your game, and even changed your style, you can submit a new portrait that reflects your growth!

Submitting your entry for Faces of PPA is also super easy! Click here to start today. Not a member? Join Professional Photographers of America to get tons of support for your photography business.