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June 27, 2023

5 Questions to Ask Your Clients

In today's world, there's a lot of talk about how photographers can make themselves unique in a crowded market and stand out from big companies and digital rivals. It can be overwhelming. By asking these five simple questions during your workflow, you can form a deeper relationship with your client and add immense value to what you do.


1. What has your previous experience looked like with other photographers? 

This is a key question to ask. Some clients haven’t ever had professional photos taken before. Some might have hired a photographer that utilized different business practices than you. Asking this question helps build trust, which in turn helps build value. 


2. Was there any particular image of mine that made you call our studio specifically?

This question is crucial as it provides valuable insights about your client. You’ll learn 1) how they discovered your work, and 2) what made them pause amidst their mindless scrolling. By understanding this, you can enhance your portfolio, identify what resonates with your audience (i.e., what’s sellable), and elevate your work to a new level of excellence!


3. If you don’t hire a photographer for this moment, what will you miss? 

This question aims to shape how your client perceives the value you bring. It emphasizes that you are not just a mere item to be ticked off a checklist, but rather, you serve a distinct purpose. This is especially significant in the context of weddings. By asking this question, you can identify those irreplaceable moments that shouldn't be overlooked, without relying on a predefined shot list.


4. What story are we looking to tell with your session or event? 

This question actively involves the client in your creative process. While clients may perceive their stories as ordinary, as photographers, we understand that everyone's milestones are as exceptional and extraordinary as the individuals themselves. By engaging clients in the storytelling process, you gain valuable insights into what truly matters to them. Additionally, it establishes you as a knowledgeable expert in your field.


5. How do you plan on printing your photos?

This is a commonly overlooked question that can lead to missed opportunities. By inquiring about their printing intentions beforehand, it serves as a reminder to clients that photos have a purpose beyond remaining stored in the cloud. Asking this question in advance provides you with an advantage–you have the end goal in mind! For instance, if their aim is to display the photos as wall art, you can focus on capturing expansive, architectural shots that will look stunning on any wall. On the other hand, if they express excitement about creating an album, you can make sure to capture all the intricate detail images that tell a complete story!

By keeping these five questions in mind, you will undoubtedly foster stronger client relationships and establish enhanced business practices for your studio!


This article was written by Bethany Ellen, CPP, a highly skilled maternity photographer situated in Cincinnati, Ohio. With her Certified Professional Photographer credential, Ellen brings expertise and passion to her studio, ensuring that clients receive an extraordinary photography encounter. She sets her focus on delivering incredible visual art that is truly unique and unmatched for her clients. To witness Ellen's remarkable work, visit her website, and don't forget to follow her on Instagram for more captivating content!