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December 04, 2018

3 Tips for Building Your Photography Business

Starting out in the photography industry can be tough, and it can be difficult to know what direction to take your business in. Your first idea may be to shoot as many clients as you can quickly and give them their digital photos, but here are three tips on how to build your business correctly:

  1. Value Yourself. Know the value in your work. Don’t charge cheap prices simply because you believe no one will pay higher. There are always willing consumers, you just need the confidence to apply the correct price. Along with that, don’t underestimate the power of in-person sales. Don’t just shoot your client and hand them a CD with their images. Invite them into the studio, and show them the prints and products you have to offer. You’d be surprised how much clients are willing to spend on quality photography.
  2. Value Your Client. Including in-person sales in your sessions will help clients visualize their images in their homes. It’s your responsibility to guide your clients and help them understand what products will be best for them. Spend time assisting your clients, make their experience as pleasant as possible, and show them that your prices reflect the value of your art.  Shift your thinking to understand that you’re trying to create something of value for your clients, not raise prices to make more money.
  3. Stop Waiting for the Right Time. Transitioning can be frightening and cause a lot of anxiety, so you might be inclined to procrastinate on implementing in-person sales. But by waiting longer, you’re losing the opportunity to make more money. During the transition, offer incentives to the clients you have to thank them for their time and patience while you shift your business model. You may lose a few clients, but in the long run, it will allow your business to prosper. 

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