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November 08, 2022

3 No-Brainer Ways to Protect Your Photography Business

Running a successful photography business means having a plan in place for even the most unfortunate events. To do that, a professional photographer has to anticipate the obstacles their business will face. Thinking about worst-case scenarios isn't fun, but planning for these roadblocks can be the difference between a minor stumble and a fatal fall for your photography business.  

PPA members receive a unique "shield" of protection that covers them no matter what goes wrong. From equipment insurance to data loss recovery services, PPA members have access to the coverage they need to solve problems and get back to what matters: creating stunning images for their clients. Keep scrolling to read the 3 "no brainer" ways PPA members can protect their equipment, save money, and work with confidence. 

Activate Photography Equipment Insurance  

If you break your camera or it's stolen from your car, don't worry. PPA members are covered by PhotoCare Equipment Insurance! 

Get up to $15,000 of photography equipment insurance included in your membership when you join PPA. PhotoCare Equipment Insurance is part of PPA membership. Once you've joined, all you have to do is activate your policy. PPA pays a premium up to $15,000 if you lose your photography gear, computer, tablet, or printer to fire, theft, or breakage. You also get worldwide coverage while on location. With a first loss deductible of only $250 (excluding breakage), it can pay big to opt-in to PPA's PhotoCare Equipment Insurance. 

PhotoCare Plus is also available for members to purchase and covers up to $100,000 on the same damages as PhotoCare, in addition to coverage for mysterious disappearances and non-PPA member employee coverage. PhotoCare Plus will even insure your drone if it falls from the sky.

Get General Liability Insurance 

If someone gets hurt or something is destroyed during your session, General Liability Coverage will handle it.

Murphy's Law states that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Did your lighting setup fall over on someone's aunt at the wedding? Did the father of the bride break his arm when he tripped over your extension cord? We hope you never have to use this benefit, but if you do, it can save both your reputation and business. Nearly all event venues require photographers to have General Liability Insurance, making it particularly important for photographers that cover large events like weddings. It's easy and affordable to get the protection you need. You can even get up to $2 million for less than 62¢ a day! 

Drone Photography Liability Insurance is also now available as an add-on to your existing policy. It covers bodily injury and property damage caused by an FAA-certified drone photographer while on a paid assignment. In the event of a chain reaction, your insurance will also cover the non-drone, additional damage.


Gain Peace-of-Mind with PPA's Protection

Do you have an unsatisfied client, or have you lost all the data on your hard drive or SD card? PPA's Indemnification Trust is like malpractice protection for your photography business. 

PPA's Indemnification Trust comes included in your membership and helps when things go wrong including data loss, equipment malfunction, mistakes, or unsatisfied clients. If an unfortunate event like one of these happens, The Trust can step in and:

  • Guide you through the process of filing a claim 
  • Pay for data recovery services if needed 
  • Negotiate and pay any settlement 
  • Prepare you for court if needed 
  • Appoint local counsel at the Trust's expense if necessary
  • Pay judgments for most types of damages awarded to your client if things end up in a court

In other words, the Indemnification Trust covers and protects all PPA members at no cost after they clear a small deductible. 

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