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January 31, 2023

2022: A Year In Review

Every year, we like to take a moment to step back and reflect on the accomplishments and milestones we have made within our community of photographers. Read about our accomplishments and watch this PPA’s 2022 Year In Review video below!

In 2022, PPA and its community of 34,000 photographers continued to lead at the forefront of the photographic industry. We broke through standards, emerged from a global pandemic, and we’ve never been stronger. Thousands of photographers kicked off the year in National Harbor, Maryland for a power-packed 3 days of education, inspiration, and networking at Imaging USA.  

  • 85 Classes
  • More Hands-On Opportunities
  • Networking Avenue

Our website for Imaging USA got a fresh new look, too. 

PPA announced the new Merit Image Review. This process makes our degree program more accessible to members by allowing them to submit images year-round. 

  • 1-4 images per month
  • Submit Year-Round
  • Reviewed February through November


PPA made an unprecedented move to protect its members with the creation of a new industry-changing membership level.

Members relied on PPA to bring them the latest educational content to improve their craft and build more profitable businesses.


PPA expanded its library of resources available to members 

PPA members continued to persevere and became certified professional photographers while others declared their candidacy to start their certification process.

  • 247 Members Certified
  • 552 Members Declared their Candidacy

Thousands of images were entered into the International Photographic Competition.

  • 5,021 Images Submitted
  • 2,211 Images Received Merits
  • 1,643 Critiques Ordered

Professional Photographer magazine scooped up multiple awards, continuing its legacy of excellence.

  • 3 Folio Awards
  • 5 Honorable Mentions
  • 1,000 Pages of Unique Content

PPA represented photographers and small business owners’ interests on Capitol Hill and defended 1st Amendment Rights of Professional Photographers in America’s National Parks. PPA continued to help members protect their businesses with Equipment Insurance and the Indemnification Trust

  • Over 269 Claims Closed
  • $878,138 Total Paid in Claims 

It’s our mission to uplift entrepreneurs as they build sustainable businesses. The hard work of our volunteers makes this vision a reality. PPA’s community of photographers keeps on growing and together we are building a future we’re so happy you are a part of. 

  • 34,000 Members
  • 141 Elected Councilors
  • 92 Committee Members
  • 13 Board of Directors