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October 13, 2020

2020 Requirement Waiver

During its October meeting, the PPA Board of Directors implemented a 1-year waiver for current jurors and as well jurors-in-training. This means that if you’re working to fulfill juror requirements for the first time, or if you’re seeking requalification, you now have additional time to meet your goals.

The 2020 Requirement Waiver, which also applies to CPPs and CPP candidates, is part of PPA’s on-going In It Together initiative. This year brings unique challenges, and with that in mind, we hope this waiver can provide some relief as you journey towards your goals.

Here’s a rundown of the 2020 Requirement Waiver:

  • Current CPPs now have an additional year to satisfy their recertification requirements
  • CPP candidates also have an additional year to meet their certification requirements 
  • Jurors-in-training have an additional year to satisfy their qualification requirements.
  • Current jurors and Jury Chairs in Training also have an additional year to satisfy their re-qualification requirements.

To sum it up: if you need the extra time, you’ve got it. This one-year waiver is automatic and requires no action on your part. It’s just another way that PPA has your back during these unprecedented times.