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October 14, 2016

Copyright Tidbits, Lighting Strategies, Photoshop Shortcuts, and Imaging USA 2017: Our Top Blog Posts from October 10-14

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Autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, bonfires, cozy sweaters, and college football. These are just a few of our favorite things about fall. Oh, and taking time to relax and read and keep up on trends or what's happening in photography, so here are some  blog posts from the week of October 10 we found worth sharing with you!


Photographs Are Made With Light, Not Sensors and Tech

LIGHTING: Many photographers agree that using quality photography equipment generally equates to a quality photograph. However, there is one element that reigns supreme over technology when it comes to superior photos: light. This article helps understand why lighting means so much more in a photo than the gear used to capture it.

The Photographer's Tools

PHOTOGRAPHER: As a photographer, you know there are so many elements that come into play when taking a photograph. Whether it be light, the settings on your camera, and even what kind of camera you use, you think about these components before you press the shutter button. But are you forgetting simple elements such as lines, contrast, and scale? Find out how to get back to the basics with this article.

Charming Photo Series Showcases The Smiling Personas of the Elderly

PORTRAITS: Mark Twain once said, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." Photographer Ilya Nodia illustrated this phenomenon by capturing elderly folks and their ear-to-ear grins. The images are proof that a smile is truly timeless. You'll have to read about Nodia's emotional experience and see the touching photos for yourself.

How Viable Is Lightroom's New Raw Editing Capability

LIGHTROOM: Lightroom Mobile is just one of many apps out there that allows you to touch-up photos on your smartphone.  With Lightroom Mobile's new RAW file support, you can now have the same editing capabilities of the desktop version, right at your fingertips. But how does this on-the-go version compare to the Lightroom program on your desktop? Read this article to find out!

Increase Your Productivity With Six Tips From Photoshop Guru Aaron Nace

PRODUCTIVITY: Photographers and editors alike have hailed Photoshop as one of the best programs for retouching photos. While Photoshop receives rave reviews for its numerous features and capabilities, its software settings often leave a little to be desired. In this article, Aaron Nace provides tips on how to overcome these minor imperfections and make the most of your time using Photoshop. 

Lighting From the Outside In: Experiment With Lighting to Get Your Photographic Creativity Flowing

LIGHTING: As a photographer, you know just how important light is when capturing a subject. Using different lighting settings, locations, and colors can completely change the story you want your image to tell. See examples and get inspired by professional photographer Hans Rosemond's own lighting experiment in this fun read. 

Two Ways to Dodge and Burn More Effectively in Photoshop

PHOTOSHOP: Photoshop's dodge and burn tools essentially allow you to lighten or darken areas of your image, as you would in a darkroom. But using just these tools on your Photoshop images can cause a loss of color and saturation. Watch this video by Photoshop master Jimmy McIntyre to see how to dodge and burn the right way.

How Geometry Can Literally Shape the Story in Your Images

GEOMETRY: Circles, squares, triangles, and lines. We see shapes such as these everyday and in all forms of artistic media. These shapes and lines are often combined and manipulated to intentionally frame a story. To see just what we're talking about, check out this video.

Imaging USA 2017

NETWORKING WORKS: Imaging USA 2017 is a unique experience that brings together photography amateurs, professionals, experts, and masters. With all these photographers around, we're sure that you will meet new friends and mentors alike. So bring your business cards and read up on Imaging USA's networking events here.

Facts About Image Copyrights You Need to Know

COPYRIGHT:  As the Copyright Small Claims Process gains ground on Capitol Hill, there are some basic copyright facts you need to know. From watermarks to personal responsibility, read this article to get some basic photographic copyright knowledge.

That's all folks, well, for this week's roundup at least! Are there any photography blogs or websites out there that you love, and you think others would love too? Post them on theLoop or email them to us at