PPA Talks Copyright with Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator

During the Copyright Alliance meeting (July 28, 2010), PPA staff spoke with Victoria Espinel, appointed by President Obama as the first Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (a position created in 2008 when President Bush signed the PRO-IP act into law).

In addition to PPA’s previously submitted comments—about the effect of copyright infringement on the photographic industry, our educational and preventive efforts and a general overview of the industry—Espinel said her office received hundreds of comments from individual photographers about the importance of copyrights to them. In fact, the number of comments received this March totaled 1,600.

Espinel indicated that she was interested in seeing her Joint Strategic Plan (released in June), extend protection and enforcement to small business copyright owners like photographers. She said she understands (thanks to the comments) the difficulties photographers and others have in controlling the online infringement of their content, and she recognizes that there may be many “offline” infringement avenues of which she is not yet aware.
"It is significant that we now live in a world where we have an individual inside the administration looking out for photographers and other creators,” comments David Trust, PPA’s CEO. “The scope of her new responsibilities is a bit staggering, but Ms. Espinel has promised to keep the interests of mom-and-pop creators on a front burner, and we are content with that for the time being. The real test will be in the long-term results."

Espinel noted that her office is always open to suggestions from the copyright community, and she invited PPA and all other Copyright Alliance members to submit their thoughts and recommendations for enforcement solutions. 
To learn more about Espinel and her office (and to share any thoughts with them), visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/intellectualproperty/#contact.

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