PPA Speaks at Congressional Copyright Briefing

On March 19, 2009, PPA's Chief Executive Officer, David Trust, represented the photography industry on a panel at a Congressional Briefing that included representatives from the music, movie, and software industries. The discussion centered on the importance of U.S. copyright law to the photography industry, the importance of copyright industries to the U.S. economy, and how photographers interact with fellow creators.

The briefing was hosted by the Copyright Alliance, a non-profit, non-partisan educational organization composed of individual creators and leading copyright industry organizations. A founding member of the Copyright Alliance, PPA was delighted to participate in this event, which was well attended by staff members from each chamber's Judiciary Committee and other Congressional committees, subcommittees, and caucuses that govern intellectual property related issues.

PPA's presence served to remind Congress that photographers benefit from the same laws that protect their higher-profile counterparts. Trust reminded the audience, "Our members, and all professional photographers, rely on strong copyright laws to help them make a mortgage payment, feed their families, and provide them with affordable health care. Lost income due to copyright infringement forces photographers to choose between putting down their camera and continuing to operate a struggling small business."

The briefing did not raise discussion on any one legislative item on the agenda this Congress, but it did raise a number of comments and questions concerning the role of the PRO-IP Act, which was signed into law last October.

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