Executive Department

David Trust
Scott Kurkian
Leanne Bradley
Executive Assistant

Certification Department

Julia Boyd
Certification Director
Odessa Sabado
Certification Coordinator

Customer Service, Member Value & Experience Department

Kristen Hartman
Director of Member Value & Experience
Gerard Wright
Manager, Member Experience
Luc Boulet
Government Affairs Manager
Lauryn Washington
Member Value & Recruitment Coordinator
Vivian Gray
Customer Care Representative
Laytoya Saddler
Customer Care Representative
Ricky Terry
Customer Care Representative
Tanya Turner
Customer Care Representative
Vincent Yarborough
Customer Care Representative
Caroline Helfgott
Influencer Relations Coordinator
Rachael Hartman
Member Value Coordinator

Education Department

Angela Kurkian
Director of Education
Stephanie Fleming
Knowledge Coordinator
Sarah Liddell
Education Coordinator

Events Department

Fiona Corbett
Director of Events
Sharon Palmer
Events Manager
Richard Newell
IPC Manager

Publications Department

Jane Gaboury
Director of Publications
Joan Sherwood
Senior Editor
Debbie Todd
Art Director
Amanda Arnold
Associate Editor

Sales & Strategic Alliances Department

Megan Woods
Advertising Services Manager
Curistan Neal
Advertising Services Coordinator
Brian Sisco
Sales Rep - Western Region
Marina Anderson
Sales Rep - Central & Eastern Regions

Marketing and Communications Department

Andrea Taylor
Director of Marketing / Communications
Gregory Aide
Production Manager
Travis Orton
Producer/Studio Manager
Kim Calloway
Creative Services Manager
Evelyn Burttram
Social Media Specialist
Alex Bauer
Communications Specialist
Christian Wall
Graphic Designer
Ruben Amin
Video & Motion Graphics Designer

Human Resources Department

Shani Cole
Senior Manager of Human Resources/ Company Culture

Finance Department

Scott Kurkian
Lorri Banker

Information Technology & Administration Department

Scott Morgan
Director of Information Technology & Admin
Becky Young
IT Project Manager
Bryan Dion
Senior Software Developer
Chuck Griffin
Software Developer
Monique Martin
Office Manager

Research Department

Emilee Baum
Research Manager