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David Trust
Scott Kurkian
Toshia Anderson
Executive Assistant
Gerard Wright-Bullard
Director of Member Value & Experience
Ricky Terry
Member Experience Manager
Luc Boulet
Government Affairs Manager
Melody Confer
Member Engagement Specialist
Whitney Maddux
Influencer Relations Manager
Vivian Gray
Member Care Professional
Brenda Branch
Member Care Professional
N'Kai Lewis
Member Care Professional
Daniel Adebayo
Member Care Professional
Meah Blackmon
Member Care Professional
Mia Vega
Customer Retention Specialist
Angela Kurkian
Director of Education
Jamel DeCasseres
Education Manager
Melissa Thompson
Director of Events
Lakisha English
Exhibits Manager
Leanne White
Events Manager
Debbie Todd
Art Director
Joan Sherwood
Senior Editor
Amanda Arnold
Senior Editor
Kalia Bonner
Director of Sales & Strategic Alliances
Brian Sisco
Western Regional Manager
Francine Osora
Central & Eastern Regional Manager
Gregory Aide
Director of Marketing / Communications
Travis Orton
Producer/Studio Manager
Kim Calloway
Creative Services Manager
Emilee Baum
Research Manager
Christian Wall
Graphic Designer
Lauryn Washington
Social Media Specialist
Alena Fletcher
Communications Specialist
Wesley Mills
Digital Marketing Specialist
Vanessa Westbrook
Marketing Project Coordinator
Drenusha Leci Kelmendi
Marketing Tech Coordinator
Wildon Fickett
Video & Motion Graphics Designer
Scott Kurkian
Susan Yarbrough
Staff Accountant
Nathan Hardin
Accounting Manager
Scott Morgan
Director of Information Technology & Admin
Bryan Dion
Senior Software Developer
Bryce Sharrits
Software Developer
Odessa Sabado
Technical Applications Engineer
Monique Martin
Office Manager
Rich Newell
Director, Credentialing
Vincent Yarborough
Credentialing Coordinator
Jessica Avery
Credentialing Coordinator