PPA Council

PPA is truly a member-owned organization. PPA members govern the organization through representatives in the PPA Council, which consists of: 

  • Elected councilors in all 50 states, U.S. territories and Canada
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Chairmen of Standing Committees
  • Past PPA Presidents 
  • Current Presidents of PPA International Affiliates

Elected Councilors must be Professional Active, Additional Active, Life, or Retired PPA members. They can be nominated by a PPA Affiliate or by 5 individual Professional Active, Additional Active, Life or Retired members of PPA. 

Elections are held every 3 years (ballots are sent and tabulated electronically) beginning in the spring and new Councilors officially take office July 1st. All PPA Professional Active, Additional Active, Life and Retired members have the right to vote. Remember: PPA is a member-supported and a member-driven organization. Members run PPA, in great part, through your elected representatives!

Once elected, PPA Council members represent all PPA members in their respective states. A Councilor's duties include attending state and local association meetings, encouraging membership in PPA, and maintaining a constant connection between PPA members and PPA headquarters.

Councilors must attend one annual meeting held at Imaging USA and be prepared to handle Association business, which may include Bylaws and Adopted Procedure changes and the election of the PPA Board of Directors and/or its nominating Committee.

Diana Aeria Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Jon Allyn Elected CouncilorWisconsin
Melanie Anderson Elected CouncilorMaryland
Miles Andonov Elected CouncilorOhio
Lisa Asp Elected CouncilorMinnesota
Rick Avalos Elected CouncilorColorado
Nancy Bailey-Pratt Elected CouncilorFlorida
Brad Barton Elected CouncilorTexas
David Beckham Elected CouncilorOhio
Cindy Behnke Elected CouncilorIllinois
Ross Benton Elected CouncilorTexas
Clark Berry Elected CouncilorSouth Carolina
Lindsay Betz Elected CouncilorColorado
Leslie-Margaret Bohle Elected CouncilorMontana
Kenneth Bovat Elected CouncilorNew York
Richard Breshears Elected CouncilorWashington
Cathleen Broderick Elected CouncilorMassachusetts
Tim Cameron Elected CouncilorNew Hampshire
Sabina Cavalli Elected CouncilorSouth Carolina
Steve Clark Elected CouncilorMaryland
Bob Coates Elected CouncilorArizona
Diane Costello Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Lisa Dillon Elected CouncilorOregon
Ivan Domazet Elected CouncilorNew Jersey
Cris Duncan Elected CouncilorTexas
Richard Dupler Elected CouncilorMichigan
Jenny Rhea Eisenhauer Elected CouncilorTexas
Kristi Elias Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Barry Finlay Elected CouncilorOhio
Deborah Fisk Elected CouncilorVirginia
Adilfa Ford Elected CouncilorUtah
Bailey Fox Elected CouncilorRhode Island
Gina Gardner Elected CouncilorNevada
Beth Genengels Elected CouncilorIllinois
Joan Genest Elected CouncilorConnecticut
Olivia Ginn Elected CouncilorFlorida
Tammy Graham Elected CouncilorTexas
Nancy Green Elected CouncilorMassachusetts
Jerry Grigory Elected CouncilorHawaii
David Grupa Elected CouncilorMinnesota
Melvin Guante Elected CouncilorMassachusetts
Phaneendra Gudapati Elected CouncilorTexas
Dennis Hammon Elected CouncilorIdaho
Sandra Harris Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Erica Harvey Elected CouncilorSouth Dakota
Jamie Hayes Elected CouncilorVirginia
Adrian Henson Elected CouncilorNorth Carolina
John Herrel Elected CouncilorSouth Carolina
Chuck Hill Elected CouncilorNorth Carolina
Stephen Hoff Elected CouncilorPennsylvania
Robert Holman Elected CouncilorVirginia
Elizabeth Homan Elected CouncilorTexas
Emma Lou Horrell Elected CouncilorMississippi
Holly Howe Elected CouncilorNebraska
Robin Janson Elected CouncilorTexas
George Joell Elected CouncilorNorth Carolina
Faye Johnson Elected CouncilorWashington
Jeff Johnson Elected CouncilorColorado
Toni Johnson-Harryman Elected CouncilorIowa
Gary Jones Elected CouncilorDistrict of Columbia
Stephen Jones Elected CouncilorGeorgia
Brent Kepner Elected CouncilorWest Virginia
Mark Kidd Elected CouncilorKentucky
Clark Knight Elected CouncilorUtah
Sally Kolar Elected CouncilorGeorgia
David Koster Elected CouncilorDelaware
Cindy La Barge Elected CouncilorKansas
John La Barge Elected CouncilorKansas
Charleen Larkin Elected CouncilorConnecticut
Gregory Lewis Elected CouncilorNew York
Rodney Loesch Elected CouncilorMissouri
Trish Logan Elected CouncilorMaine
Linda Long Elected CouncilorFlorida
Nichole Manner Elected CouncilorMissouri
Marie Martineau-Sandberg Elected CouncilorWashington
Tim Mathiesen Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Mark McCall Elected CouncilorTexas
Michael McCarty Elected CouncilorMissouri
Colby McLemore Elected CouncilorTennessee
Ken Meade Elected CouncilorIllinois
Gary Meek Elected CouncilorArkansas
Kathryn Meek Elected CouncilorArkansas
Timothy Meyer Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Dawn Muncy Elected CouncilorOklahoma
Duane Murphy Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Marti Newkirk Elected CouncilorFlorida
Kevin Newsome Elected CouncilorFlorida
Robert Norwood Elected CouncilorTexas
Dwight Okumoto Elected CouncilorHawaii
Darcy Olson Elected CouncilorMichigan
Tracy Page Elected CouncilorGeorgia
Sandra Pearce Elected CouncilorFlorida
Raymond Peeples Elected CouncilorNew Hampshire
Booray Perry Elected CouncilorFlorida
Kimberly Pezeshki Elected CouncilorWyoming
Robin Phillips Elected CouncilorFlorida
Wade Ponthier Elected CouncilorLouisiana
Jose Quintanilla Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Judy Reinford Elected CouncilorPennsylvania
Pete Rezac Elected CouncilorNevada
Eric Richards Elected CouncilorGeorgia
Emily Robinson Elected CouncilorNew York
Cindy Romaguera Elected CouncilorLouisiana
Anthony Rumley Elected CouncilorVirginia
Troy Schroeder Elected CouncilorIowa
Carol Scott Elected CouncilorAlaska
Genna Sellers Elected CouncilorTennessee
Cindy Shaver Elected CouncilorAlabama
George Singleton Elected CouncilorMaryland
Larry Skibiski Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Mary Jane Smith Elected CouncilorPennsylvania
Art Solomon Elected CouncilorAlabama
Kristy Steeves Elected CouncilorOhio
Robin Swanson Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Mark Sweeney Elected CouncilorNew York
Paula Swift Elected CouncilorMassachusetts
Dorma Tabisz Elected CouncilorTexas
Wayne Tarr Elected CouncilorVermont
Randy Taylor Elected CouncilorOklahoma
Abigail Thomas Elected CouncilorIndiana
Beverly Thompson Elected CouncilorMississippi
Tina Timmons Elected CouncilorMichigan
Jim Trapp Elected CouncilorCalifornia
Rex Truell Elected CouncilorNorth Carolina
Rick Trummer Elected CouncilorWisconsin
Mark Turner Elected CouncilorGeorgia
Randy Van Duinen Elected CouncilorFlorida
Shaun Voegele Elected CouncilorIllinois
Scott Walz Elected CouncilorKentucky
Lambertus Warmolts Elected CouncilorFlorida
Mark Weber Elected CouncilorNebraska
Bryan Welsh Elected CouncilorOregon
Edward Westwood Elected CouncilorMichigan
Phil White Elected CouncilorIdaho
Chris Wooley Elected CouncilorWashington
Connie Zimmerlich Elected CouncilorArizona
Lisa Thayer Elected CouncilorNorth Carolina
Steve Kozak Elected CouncilorTexas
Andrew Faulds Elected CouncilorArizona