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Trish Gilmore


M.Wed.Photog.Cr., CPP / Warwick, RI / tgilmore@ppa.com

Trish Gilmore is a wedding photographer based in the smallest state of Rhode Island, and is one half of the Snap Weddings business, which shoots 50+ wedding per year. Starting as a wedding photographer in 1993, this is her passion and only career. Although her bachelor’s degree is in psychology, she says it’s clear that wedding photography is what she was meant to do!

She joined PPA in 2010 and quickly became part of the community and attributes PPA to her continued success in business, becoming a better photographer, making lifelong friends and having a higher purpose to volunteer and serve the PPA membership.

Trish recently she received her Master of Wedding Photography Degree at Imaging 2022 in Washington DC, in addition to receiving her Master Craftsmen Degree in Nashville in 2020 and becoming a Certified Professional Photographer in 2018.