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Testimonials"When opening my business, I had passion, ideas, and creativity from my fine art photography background. But I didn't know how to do it and make a living. That's what PPA did for me. They brought the answers to my business questions and helped me evolve. I wouldn't be where I am today without PPA and their Studio Management Services."

- Farrah Braniff, Cr. Photog., CPP, Farrah Braniff Photographs

"I just don't know how to stress what a comforting and pleased feeling I have in knowing PPA is there to help…if we only reach out and take a serious hold onto what's being offered. I've always felt proud to be a member and loved attending Imaging USA in its own mind-boggling fashion, but since our commitment to attend PPA's Business Breakthroughs Workshop in Dallas almost 3 years ago, I've come to realize how truly lucky professional photographers are to have such a strong, empathetic organization! Thanks for all the time you commit to helping PPA remain strong, and a HUGE thanks for the individual time you've spent with us."

- Cindy Christante, Natural Impressions Photography

"If you had told me eight years ago what I would be grossing at this point, I would have said, NO WAY! But, after SMS and my PPA counsel, we are doing solid business and growing....even in this economy. Thank you, PPA!"

- Debbie Riggs, Pure Photography Debbie Riggs

Indemnification Trust

Indemnification Trust"In this age of severe belt-tightening by us all, I admit to wondering if PPA membership could sit on the sidelines for awhile. Two weeks ago I made an error with a client who immediately threatened to sue. It was a crazy, unexpected, 'freak incident that I never would have thought would happen' kind of thing. Thanks to a great contract (thank you PPA) and some thoughtful excellent aid from the legal firm that manages the trust, the crisis is well under control. How scared and alone and vulnerable I would have felt without that backup. I no longer consider my membership merely informative. Thanks so much and especially thanks to that law firm. They were really great."

- Diane Bonner, Renaissance Digital Arts

"The benefits of PPA are not appreciated fully until, as a member, you find yourself in deep anxiousness. Thank you so much for the Indemnification Trust and your association with DriveSavers.
I was getting ready to burn more than several jobs to CD-DVD. I turned on the computer, loaded my CD and wasn't I surprised when I found out everything was GONE!
I brought my hard drive to my local Best Buy and they assured me they could recover at least 5% to 10% of the data. Heavy cold sweat starting racing down my face.
I returned home and started making some phone calls. One particular close friend, another very well-known photographer, reminded me of the Indemnification Trust and of a company known as DriveSavers. A couple more phone calls, my hand drive packaged, insured and off in the mail. In four days, a phone call put my mind to ease. A representative from DriveSavers told me they could recover at least 98% of my data.
I had sent them a new hard drive, along with the one that decided to hide my data deep in its dark unretrievable secret areas and within two weeks I had everything back. It was a $2,300.00 job that cost me the deductible.
You guessed it. I now burn my CDs immediately before wiping my flash cards."

- Rick English, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, Rick English - Photographer

PhotoCare Equipment Insurance

PhotoCare"My claim and my entire experience has been nothing but outstanding. The rapid response and detailed answers to questions has resulted in being reimbursed to the full extent of my coverage...and in a professional and compassionate manner. I will make sure every professional peer I meet with is insured through PPA."

- Nick Kovacs, Studio 110

Professional Photographer Magazine

Professional Photographer"I get Popular Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Photoshop User's Magazine, and yours. I like yours the best. It's the one that gets me to rethink my business ideas the most, along with my shooting and editing. My favorite part is - since I'm not ready to apply some of the business stuff now - I know I can go back months from now and find the exact article online with the electronic version always accessible by just being logged into PPA."

- Mark Treen, Treen Media

"I am so excited to be completing my first FULL year as a FULL-time photographer, and I cannot help but feel that PPA has been a huge part of my success.  I have been in business going on 7 years now. Last July I finally decided to quit my full-time job as an insurance agent and go full time with the photography.

I had no idea that business would be as good as it has been.  In fact, with everyone talking about the economy last year, I was like 'great, what a wonderful time to quit a full-time job'...but it's been crazy! My business has done nothing but increase.

Having read Professional Photographer cover to cover for years, I was always (and am still) very aware of my pricing and costs in running my business. I actually sit down at certain times each year and go over my portrait and wedding pricing, to make sure I am still where I should be. I also love the fact that PPA is constantly featuring articles on how to run your business and STILL have a life (which is where the pricing comes in)! I price for profit so that I don't have to kill myself (anymore than I already do) to make money. I am happy to say that in my first full year, I am grossing over $130,000 for this year (last year was around $80,000). I shot 26 weddings and 185 portraits this year, and was voted 'Best Photographer' for our area. Thank you PPA for all of your awesome articles and information."

- Megan Manus, Megan Manus Photography

See The Difference 

"Thank you, PPA, for recognizing the primary issue facing photographers today: perception of good exposures vs. substance! I am so proud of PPA for realizing how important it is to educate not only photographers but the general public on the difference between a photograph and a picture. This See the Difference campaign tells me you all are on top of the situation.

I have been a member of PPA since the early '80s (I started as an infant in case you are counting years) and have maintained my membership even though I am and always have been a commercial architectural photographer. My membership in PPA continues to be a valuable asset and has just become even more valuable. Thank you and the geniuses that came up with this idea as it just might be what the doctor ordered to help combat the growing tumor of accepting and pursuing visual mediocrity"

- Jeffrey Jacobs, M.Photog., Jeffrey Jacobs Photography

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