SPS: Student Photographic Society

PPA has teamed up with several other nonprofit photography associations to add power to your voice…in matters of legal debates, benefit negotiations, and more.

SPS, the Student Photographic Society, was founded in 1999 to provide career-building resources, networking opportunities, and information resources to photography students.

SPS represents students and educators in 300 different colleges, universities and trade schools that offer degrees in photography.


  • Online Resources: www.StudentPhoto.com (with sample contracts, resource articles, and more)Student Photographic Society
  • Volunteering Opportunities: SPS students can volunteer at Imaging USA to network, learn from classes, take in the tradeshow, etc.
  • A variety of business discounts, including great equipment insurance rates
  • Free Access to Photoworkshop.com: Tutorials, galleries, and more
  • Career Assistance: the assistant search engine at www.studentphoto.com allows members to post a resume and up to six images.
  • And more…

For more information, visit the official
SPS Student Photographic Society website.

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