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Young Photographers Alliance Invites Next Generation of Photographers to Escape - PPA Today

Young Photographers Alliance Invites Next Generation of Photographers to Escape

ypablog.jpgWe all take moments to escape from our daily realities. The question is, how?  And can those moments be captured? That's what the Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) encourages you to discover at this year's fourth annual mentoring program.

If you're an aspiring photographer or just getting started with your career, then read up, because this program is for YOU. YPA's annual mentoring program offers you a priceless opportunity to work with successful professional photographers and fine-tune your craft, create images for your portfolio, develop business skills and promote and explore markets for your work.

If you're seeking to establish yourself as a sustainable professional in today's photography market, this program can provide you with the encouragement and assistance you need. Talented college students and recent graduates (that's you!) will partner with leading industry professionals, who participate as mentors, to collaborate on a photo essay around a compelling social theme.

This year's theme to select participants is Escape. How does one capture the essence of the word? Here is how YPA presents the challenge to candidates: "By its very nature it cannot be grasped or tamed, confined or controlled. Escape is the flower that grows from the crack in the concrete. It is the choice between having a drink or taking a walk. Escape is freedom from reality, but it is also reality unrestrained. Escape is a paradox. Escape is inevitable." Looks like YPA's Escape challenge is a heck of an opportunity to tickle your creativity!

YPA is inviting the next generation of photographers (again, that's you!) to explore and produce an Escape-themed series of images through portraiture, photojournalism, landscape or architectural photography. Each participant is encouraged to present his or her interpretation and to push the boundaries of how photography can shed light on the subject in unique ways.

Escape is a globe-spanning photography initiative, as it will be held in several cities across the world. Team USA locations include Anchorage, AK; Nashville, TN; Kansas City, MO; Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Los Angeles, CA; Orlando, FL; New Orleans, LA; New York City, NY; Portland, OR; and Seattle, WA. But international teams will also be formed in Toronto and Ottawa, Canada; Glasgow, Scotland and Beijing, China.

Two to four applicants for each city will be selected to work as a team with two mentors. You can submit your applications through Friday May 10, so don't ponder too long and jump in: it's an amazing opportunity! Judging will take place the following week and the chosen mentees will be notified the week after. That quickly. The chosen group will meet for a series of six to eight two-hour sessions between June 1 and August 15, so make sure you will be available then before applying.
Participants will learn to write a creative brief, learn about the business of photography and together with their team, develop a localized promotional campaign as a part of your final deliverables. Teams will also identify a subject based on the Escape theme and you create the images outside of meeting times.

This program is an easy way to network and establish key relationships within the industry while bettering yourself as a photographer. So if you're aged 18 to 29, currently enrolled in a college photography course or a recent graduate, and able commit to the dates of the program, you're eligible!

Apply to the program by joining YPA as a "YPA21" member, which costs $21. This fee includes access to the mentoring program as well as to portfolio reviews, access to other industry information and forums. It's more than a bargain. For more information and to register for the program visit the YPA website

When you decide to enter, shoot us a note, we'd love to show support and share your work. One more bonus for your networking and marketing development!

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