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Winery Scam E-mail - PPA Today

Winery Scam E-mail

This e-mail has been circulating to many PPA members and it looks to be a typical e-mail scam. It is recommended that you delete the e-mail and not reply to it.

My name is Joe and my wife's name is Pamela, we live and work as wine producers in Malaysia and will be relocating to the State of Texas,USA on the 23rd of December,2009.
Could you please spare a few seconds to view our website :

I came across your contact information on and I hereby write to request if you will be available to offer 4hours of photographic services for the celebration of our 5th Wedding Anniversary on our arrival to the States. Myself,my wife,my lovely daughter-Debbie and about 12 family members and friends will be present.

Could you please provide answers to these questions if you are interested in this offer
1)Will you be available to provide this service on any date between December 26th and December 31st if so which exact date will you have time so as to include this in our plan?
2)What is your address location so as to estimate how close you are to us ?

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my phone no :01160173305450

Joe J Akins
Winery Headquarters
92 Jalan Keranji,
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


Same thing happened to me...but Joe lives in England now, imagine that, LOL!!! And he's moving to Kansas not Texas! :-))) Anything from oversees is almost ALWAYS fraudulent!! Sad to say, but there are a lot of evil people in this world! Honestly, I wish there was a way to catch these people...they should go to jail for this kinda stuff!

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