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Why's Amy Purdy Speaking at Imaging USA? - PPA Today

Why's Amy Purdy Speaking at Imaging USA?

by James Yates

Because sometimes being an internationally recognized symbol for overcoming adversity just isn't enough and some of you wonder where the connection is, we will be spending the next several weeks helping you get to know Amy Purdy. You'll quickly understand why we're so excited to have her be part of Imaging USA 2016! Each week you'll see a highlight on Amy, and how the inspiration and insight she provides make perfect sense for this year's convention! Let's kick things off with a look at the non-profit that means the most to Amy and her husband Daniel...

Adaptive Action Sports! "Encouraging Individuality and Creativity While Building Independence and Self-Confidence"

Ten years ago, Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale joined forces to create the first non-profit focused specifically on disabilities and action sports. Their emphasis began with snowboarding and skateboarding, which were their own particular passions, but in just a few short years, they got several Adaptive Action sports into the Paralympics and now provide over 50 adaptive sports for over 200 sports enthusiasts. From their website: "...adaptive action sports creates skateboard, snowboard and other action sport camps, events and programs for youth, young adults and wounded veterans living with permanent physical disabilities, TBI and PTSD".
Adaptive Action Sports has helped get adaptive snowboarding, adaptive snow cross, adaptive skateboarding and adaptive moto X into the Paralympic games. The Snowboard Pipeline, opened in 2007, is one of their greatest accomplishments, providing snowboard training to adaptive riders at all skill levels. Snowboarding camps and race training sessions provided by AAS have become action sports staples and are regularly awarded honors nationwide.
How does this relate to you or professional photography? Why is Amy's story your story? PPA believes that each of our members in particular, but also photographers in general, are their own small businesses and the only way to improve your business is to get out there and start doing! Amy's story of tragedy, regroup, and triumph can inspire any self-made artist to keep trying and never give up! Use every tool to your advantage, even those that seem like disadvantages at first. Come listen to Amy's keynote speech at Imaging USA 2016 and you'll understand how and why her story applies to YOU!
Her session is only available to All-Access Pass holders, so register for yours today at Act fast: early bird pricing ends December 8th, after that prices will increase by $50.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Blog_Footer_IUSA_2016_FINAL.jpgComing next week: a look back at when most of America first fell in love with Amy...her phenomenal stint on Dancing with the Stars!

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