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Weekly Roundup: August 29 - September 2 - PPA Today

Weekly Roundup: August 29 - September 2

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By Bethany Clark

Labor Day weekend is upon us and whether you plan to fire up the grill for the last barbecue of the summer or head out of town, take a quick peek at our top blog posts from the week of August 29!

HISTORIC PHOTOS: Happy 100th birthday to the U.S. National Park Service! In honor of their centennial year, this photo exhibit showcases the evolution of the parks from the unknown frontiers of the country to the sought after landmarks they are today.

INTERESTING: Run-down castles, vacant hospitals, empty mausoleums - photographer Brian Precious finds beauty in decay. He visits abandoned buildings in his spare time and creates haunting images of places reduced to just a shadow of their former selves.

LEGACY: Marc Riboud, the celebrated French photojournalist who captured moments of grace even in the most fraught situations around the world, died in Paris on Tuesday. He was 93. 

TIPS & TRICKS: Shooting portraits with your lens wide open, especially with fast glass, creates the subject/background separation that is so desired by photographers and clients alike. Photographer Joel Grimes shows us how to use an ND filter to overpower the sun while using a wide open aperture.
ICON: Browse through a few of photographer Terence Donovan's images to be more inspired! His subjects were some of the most celebrated icons of the last century, including Jimi Hendrix, Twiggy, and a young Sean Connery.

STEP BACK IN TIME: Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be taught by famed photographer Ansel Adams himself? He started teaching in the 1940s.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at

Bethany Clark manages all things social media for PPA. When she's not living on the internet, she loves writing, sewing, travel, yoga, and of course photography.

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