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Traveling the World with Just One Small Camera Bag, How to Not Get Caught in a Crunch While Flying a Drone and Ways That Being a Member of PPA is Beneficial to You: Our Top 10 Blog Posts From September 28 - Oct 2 - PPA Today

Traveling the World with Just One Small Camera Bag, How to Not Get Caught in a Crunch While Flying a Drone and Ways That Being a Member of PPA is Beneficial to You: Our Top 10 Blog Posts From September 28 - Oct 2

It's finally the time of year where a burst of warm colors are just right outside your door. Just to start your October off right here are the top 10 favorite blog post of the week. Sit back, relax, and soak in all the delightfulness and education these blogs have to offer.

COPYRIGHT: PPA is a huge advocate on copyright issues. Watch as David Trust and Congressman Collins sit down and discuss several topics related to the issue of copyrights. See what to expect in legislation for photographer's copyright issues.

BE DISTINCTIVE: Doing something different and innovative is what makes you stand out in the photography world. This article from MCP Actions gives you an example of just that, implementing flour into creative photo sessions. Not only is it different but it adds a new found attitude to your pictures.

INSPIRATION: This generation is responsible for taking not only some of the best photos but the most photos of our time, yet we still manage to have the least printed photographs. This article published by Scene Magazine in Michigan for the September 2015 issue addresses the importance of portraits and why they have such a great impact on people's lives.

CREATIVE UPLIFT: Online forms are crucial for small photography businesses because they allow them to easily collect information from their clients. The Law Tog features this blog posts about how now there are tools to create forms without the need of a professional coder, this meaning that form pages can be used for so much more to build your business.

MARKETING: Zenologue lays out how Twitter can change your marketing game in just a 140 characters. Read about the pros and cons, how to master the "social" aspect of social media and ways you can optimize your profile to represent your business the best.

YES TO PPA: The PhotoTellers podcast features the current President of PPA, Michael Timmons. He addresses the key reasons why professional photographers should consider membership with PPA hitting on the issues of insurance and education and discussing Imaging USA 2016 in Atlanta.

TIPS: Digital Photography School gives you the go to guide of how you as a professional photographer can travel the world with just one camera bag at hand. This blog offers a detailed list of everything you will need and everything you can leave, and it explains why.

ADVICE: The world of photography has begun to explore all the possibilities drones have to offer. Although it's very tempting to just walk outside and just let it fly, it's important that you understand the responsibilities that come with flying drones. PetaPixel wrote this blog to present a list of all the things you need to know. 

QUICK FIX: One day you may show up to a shoot after a long week and realize that your TTL flash is missing. Although it's very easy to panic because your so use to more modern technology, sometimes you have to just think back to the older days and remember that TTL (Through The Lens) has not always existed. This post from the Strobist will tell you just how to get your pictures right as if the TTL flash never existed.

PORTRAITS: Capturing the perfect portrait requires creativity, an eye for detail, and the tools to ensure your client looks their best. Photojojo features this blog that gives you all the tips you need to take the best portraits ever for your clients.

There you have it, our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommitee @

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