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Surrealist Sessions, Headshot Events & Stand-Out Sports Photos...Your Top Blog Posts from June 12-16. - PPA Today

Surrealist Sessions, Headshot Events & Stand-Out Sports Photos...Your Top Blog Posts from June 12-16.

By James Yates
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It's finally almost summertime! And it's also very, very hot. So crank up your a/c and curl up on the couch this weekend with our top photography blog posts from around the web. Enjoy!

ADVOCACY: Laguna Beach recently enacted a policy requiring a permit to shoot public spaces. DIY Photography has this information on the legalities involved and the fight against permits for photographing public spaces.  

BUSINESS: PPA member Melanie Anderson uses a five-step process to help drum up sales with her clients. Professional Photographer has the scoop on these techniques and how to master "the sale".  

STORYTELLING: Mango Street has a video up on how they used music as the inspiration for a recent conceptual shoot. Storytelling makes photos even better. After watching, you may want to try it out yourself to ignite your creativity. 

PhotoVision: If it's been a minute since you've checked in with PhotoVision, be sure to come watch these new videos! The new releases include Sue Bryce and Anne Geddes, who are contributing to PhotoVision's new 'Year of Inspiration' series.

PSYCHOLOGY: Photo artist Erik Johansson created a series of pieces that blend various backgrounds and style to get at a psychological meaning. Check out the pieces as well as a behind the scenes video on how the result was achieved. 

MARKETING: How do you describe yourself and what you do in 20 to 40 seconds? Can you? Every photographer needs what's called an 'elevator pitch' for their studio. You usually only have 30 seconds to make a connection with someone. Learn how to do so efficiently on FStoppers. 

DIGITAL: Sarah Malotti was thrilled with first. But what used to be about creative content is now more proof of why numbers matter and having to "play the game". DIY Photography has this article on the effects of Instagram on photography.    

HEADSHOTS: PPA members Gary and Julie Hughes have made a name for their Orlando studio with fantastic headshots. Now, they're giving advice on why you should offer headshots at your next event.

ACTION: Garrett Ellwood has photographed 19 NBA Finals so he knows what he's talking about when it comes to making your sports photography stand out. Digital Photography Review has a piece on how he does it using strobe. 

PRINT: PPA has tools to help photographers learn how to sell more prints, as well as educate their clients so they are asking for these products. And these days, video is king. That's why PRINT. The Movement has created an entire section on their website dedicated to video resources that will educate your clients, and there's even a quick message from world-renowned photographer Anne Geddes!

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at

James Yates is an Atlanta-based writer/actor and the Communications Specialist at Professional Photographers of America (PPA). A graduate of Georgia State University, James has worked in the non-profit sector his whole life and is proud to be able to help artists achieve their goals. In his spare time he can be found walking his dogs on the Beltline or partaking in the nightly theater and comedy scene in the ATL.


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