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PPA Photographer Goes Viral, 3 Things Every Photographer Should Know and Wedding Photographers Show How Far They've Come: Our Top 10 Blog Posts From September 21 - 25 - PPA Today

PPA Photographer Goes Viral, 3 Things Every Photographer Should Know and Wedding Photographers Show How Far They've Come: Our Top 10 Blog Posts From September 21 - 25

By Chris Homer

Happy Friday! Sit back and soak up the knowledge from our top blog posts of the week. 
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VIRAL MEDIA:  Read PPA photographer Tara Ruby's story about how a photo she took of 10 soldiers breast-feeding and posted to Facebook went viral and was featured by national media outlets like CNN. It's an interesting look at what you can expect if you post an image to social media that goes viral!

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION:  If you've entered PPA's International Photographic Competition (IPC) before, you know that images are judged based on the 12 Elements of a merit image. Did you know there's a whole podcast dedicated to the 12 Elements? Check out Imaging USA instructor Dan Frievalt, M.Photog.Cr., on the 12 Elements Podcast discussing the process behind making his images that merited at this year's IPC. It's a great learning experience for any photographer who has entered the IPC before and first-timers thinking about entering the 2016 competition alike! And don't forget, you can see all the Loan collection images from the 2015 IPC at the International Photographic Exhibit at Imaging USA 2016!

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY/SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Here's a good, quick article from Brides for wedding photographers to share with their potential clients on how to tell if a photographer is a true pro, or an amateur. PPA's See The Difference campaign is also dedicated to showing the value of hiring a professional photographer, so if you're a PPA member check out all the resources we have for you to help show potential clients why they should hire a professional!

ADVICE: PPA photographer and Imaging USA instructor Cris Duncan, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, was recently  featured on the Photo Tellers podcast. He discusses things all photographers should know, as well as how to fall in love with photography again if you're feeling run down by the industry. There's tons of great advice here for you to adsorb.

INSPIRATION: This post from PetaPixel is sure to entertain any wedding photographer. Several wedding photographers share images from their very first wedding shoots and compare them to their recent work. It's remarkable how far these photographers have come, and it's also a good reminder to keep learning and working on your photographic technique so your images are always getting stronger.
COPYRIGHT ADVOCACY: PPA's Government Affairs team recently returned from a visit to Capitol Hill. Read all about PPA's efforts in encouraging the U.S. Copyright Office to improve the copyright system by modernizing their system to keep up with the demands of the digital era, modifying the registration system to make the process less burdensome and creating a small claims process for seeking copyright infringement damages. 

TEACHING PHOTOGRAPHY: Have you ever hosted a photography workshop or class? If you have, you may not realize that teaching has made you a better photographer yourself. This post from Fstoppers shares one photographer's story of just how teaching photography has improved his own work. If you're interested in hosting a workshop of your own, PPA's Super 1 Day is a great opportunity to do so! Look for information on submitting an instructor application for Super 1 Day Spring 2016 in November.
SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY: With school back in full swing, senior photographers know that getting clients to book sessions during school hours can feel impossible. Don't despair, PPAedu instructor Jen Basford, Cr.Photog., shares how she gets senior clients to book during school hours in this post on her Seniors Ignite blog.

IMPROVING YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY: Do you find yourself disappointed by how your final images turn out? This post from Light Stalking shares 14 things you should keep in mind that may be hurting your photography.

CONTRACTS: Do you ever get offers to photograph in conjunction with a video production? This post from A Photo Editor shares a sample contract designed just for this situation. If you're thinking about taking an assignment like this, check out this post first! You'll get some good advice on what to include in your contract.

There you have it, our favorite posts of the week! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommitee @

About the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.


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