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NEW Copyright Legislation, Incredible Underwater Restaurant Shoot, and Black and White Photography: Our Top Blog Posts from June 6-10 - PPA Today

NEW Copyright Legislation, Incredible Underwater Restaurant Shoot, and Black and White Photography: Our Top Blog Posts from June 6-10

By Autumn Rice

As the official beginning of summer quickly approaches (no, it's not summer yet), remember to take some time to enjoy our favorite blog posts of the week!

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SMALL CLAIMS PROCESS: The House Judiciary Committee is hard at work on small claims copyright legislation, so in the meantime PPA wants to inform you about the issue, the process, and the possible result. Check out this article filled with information and links to everything you need to get involved and make a difference.

BEST PRACTICE: Your portfolio is a major part of marketing yourself to potential clients. After all, seeing is believing. Check out this video on what's most important to include in your portfolio, and what you can leave out.  

TECHNIQUE:  You might want to get out your pencil and paper for this one. Read this blog all about lighting techniques for any style of photography. It covers everything from f-stops to the inverse-square law of light. Check it out!

PRINT BUSINESS: Any good photographer knows there's more to the job than just taking pictures. If you're not creating products that your clients will love, and more importantly purchase, then you're in trouble. Check out this article on designing wall displays that clients can't resist buying.

DRONES: Here at PPA we love drones, so when we found this video of the best drone footage of 2016 we had to share it with you. Check it out!

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: As photographers, creativity plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Check out this video on how photographer Andreas Varro composites an incredible underwater restaurant shoot. Hint: there's no water involved!

TECHNOLOGY: Follow photographer Stephen Wilkes as he seamlessly blends up to 100 still photographs into compositions of landscapes that capture the transition from day to night.

OPINION: Remember when you first picked up a camera? Remember how the photos may not have been that good, but you knew you found your calling? Remember how you would jump at any opportunity, even for free? Well, now there's a debate on if photographers should photograph for free. See what Rob Maynard has to say about it in this article.

WORKFLOW: Want to work faster, but still maintain the quality of your work? Read this article about how to use Lightroom and Photo Mechanic together to achieve faster image reviewing.

BLACK AND WHITE: Every client loves a good black and white photo. Its classic nature makes it irresistible.  Read this article about exploring all of the styles and ways to capture an amazing black and white photo that your client will love!

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