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Musical Photo Sessions, Photographers Become Heroes, and 'Understanding the World of Contrast': Our Top Blog Posts from May 16-20 - PPA Today

Musical Photo Sessions, Photographers Become Heroes, and 'Understanding the World of Contrast': Our Top Blog Posts from May 16-20

By Autumn Rice

As the end of May quickly approaches (can you believe it's already the end of week three?), take some time to enjoy our favorite blog posts of the week!

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INSPIRATION: More than a decade after walking down the aisle, the Grier's experienced a terrible fire that not only destroyed their home, but their precious memories as well. However, through amazing skills and technique, PPA photographer Greg Beasley was able to revive the family's photos back to new. See the before and after.

PHOTOSHOP: Beach wedding photos can be a tricky situation for photographers. Watch as past Imaging USA instructor Booray Perry takes viewers through a step by step tutorial for editing raw beach wedding images, and creating a finished product for clients.

CREATIVITY: At a photo-shoot creativity takes center stage. Everyone from hair and makeup, to the model and back to the photographer is in the zone. Check out how music can improve your shoot and harmonize the creative environment.

CONTRAST: The world of contrast can be very complex and hard to master. Here's an article that breaks down scene contrast, subject contrast, and light contrast to make it understandable for all photographers.

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY: Many photographers face the same problem with landscape photography...PEOPLE IN YOUR SHOT! It can be extremely frustrating, but this article offers a few tips to navigate the crowds and get the photos you want.

COMPOSITION: Photographer James Allen Stewart has an innovative way to defy the almighty "Rule of Thirds". He proves that although some things may be technically perfect, they may not translate into being visually appealing. 

ADVICE: How many photos do photographers take in a session? A lot. Now how many are used? Few. Although slowing down the number of clicks is not easy, it could really improve your body of work. Check out these tips for slowing down the session and improving your photography. 

HUMAN INTEREST: We've all heard the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. But what happens when those words are wrong? Read this story of how Facebook continuously removes an image of a father cradling his ill son in the shower. 

LEGAL BATTLE: Veteran photographer Maya Vidon-White is being prosecuted after she sold a photo of a man murdered in the November 2015 Paris terror attack. See why the victim's family believes she broke the law.

EDITING: Typically video game controllers hold a different meaning for men and women, but in the world of photography there's a much more unifying definition. See how to use a video game controller to edit in Adobe Premiere.

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