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Lightroom Tutorials, Trendy New Techniques, and Supermoon: Our Top Blog Posts from November 14-18! - PPA Today

Lightroom Tutorials, Trendy New Techniques, and Supermoon: Our Top Blog Posts from November 14-18!

By Tristin Vaccaro

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you're hosting dinner this year, or simply thinking about all the food you're gonna eat, you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed. But no worries, take some time for yourself and relax by catching up on the top photography related blog posts from this week!

LESSONS LEARNED: We've all hit a wall at some point in our lives, whether it be a professional or personal one. Sometimes you have to switch up your mindset in order to see results that you are really proud of. Read this article to see how one photographer changed his thinking and embraced his quirks in order to overcome that wall, and how you can too.

GALLERY: It's a's a's SUPERMOON! On November 14, the moon passed within almost 222,000 miles of the earth, the closest to earth it will be all year. This phenomenon turned millions of eyes toward the night sky, and even some cameras as well. Click through this gallery of 21 super photos of this year's supermoon. 

TRENDS: Hyperlapse photography is a popular photography trend that is quickly growing in spaces like music videos and social media. Hyperlapse is similar to timelapse photography in that perfect framing is essential, however hyperlapse videos are generally longer where much more movement takes place between frames. If you've never heard of hyperlapse, or want to learn how to get started with this new photography trend, simply check out this video.

TELEVISION: BBC's popular nature program, Planet Earth, is known for its astonishing, sometimes unbelievable, wildlife sequences. Just last week a scene from Planet Earth II, depicting snakes feverishly hunting a lone iguana, went viral and garnered over 5 million views. Capturing wildlife in stunning 4K, and often 360-degrees, takes lots of patience and high-tech gear. Check out this article to see the viral clip and a video for a behind the-scenes look. 

CHARITY:  Small nonprofits with little to no budget often find themselves marketing their cause with grainy iPhone photos or outdated stock photos. Photographer BP Miller saw this problem and used his skills to provide high quality images for low-budget nonprofits and subsequently found a passion in non-profit photography. To read more about Miller's journey, and to get inspired yourself, check out this blog.

LIGHTROOM: Sensor dust is a basically unavoidable problem for photographers. No matter how hard you try, or how advanced your camera's dust reduction technology is, these little spots show up and can be a pain to remove in post-production. In this short clip, learn how to effectively remove dust spots, even ones you may have missed on the first pass. 

REFRACTION:  Halloween has come and gone, but that crystal ball you packed away can make for some pretty unique photos. By using a glass orb and simple knowledge of refraction, you can capture your subjects clearly in what looks like a mere water droplet. This article will walk you through everything you need to know about capturing this distinctive technique including refraction basics, lighting and framing tips, as well as pros and cons. If you're looking for the next out of the box photography technique to experiment with, this article is a great starting point.  

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: When traveling in another country, one quickly realizes that different rules apply abroad when compared to the rules we follow at home. The same goes photographing abroad. If you're new to travel photography, here are some things to avoid when shooting in a foreign environment.  

PORTRAIT: The holiday season is upon us, and that means photographers like you are busy shooting portrait sessions for holiday cards and the like. This month's free video on PPAedu will provide you with tips on how to conduct a successful and seamless holiday portrait event. 

MOTIVATION: It's easy to stay motivated in an industry when you're just getting started, but what happens when you start to lose that drive after a couple of years? It can happen to anyone, even the best photographers with the most passion. Read about one photographer's honest journey with lost, then found, motivation in this blog.

That's all for our pre-holiday roundup! Do you know of any photography blogs or websites with amazing blogs like the ones you've seen above? Post them on theLoop or email them to us at

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