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Imaging USA Speaker Spotlight, Rolling Shutter Explained, and Color-Correction Tips for Underwater Photography: Our Top Blog Posts from July 3-7 - PPA Today

Imaging USA Speaker Spotlight, Rolling Shutter Explained, and Color-Correction Tips for Underwater Photography: Our Top Blog Posts from July 3-7

By Bethany Clark

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As you wind down from the high energy of entering the International Photographic Competition, start your weekend with ten of the best photography blogs from around the web this week!

EDUCATION: There are several PPA webinars taking place this month that you will definitely want to put on your calendar. From sales sessions to social media marketing essentials, these webinars are a sure fit for your photography education, so don't forget to register!

TECHNIQUE: Achieving proper color balance while underwater is not always an easy task, which means that color correction in post is often necessary. Resist the urge to freak out when you open your images up on your computer and see just blue hues! Simple tips like the ones in this Fstoppers post will bring back what you envisioned the moment you submerged your camera.

EFFECTS: If you've always had a hard time conceptualizing how the rolling shutter effect worked, and why it produced the shapes it does, you won't find a better side-by-side comparison than the one in this DPReview article.

TRAVEL: Australia-based photographer Alexander Khimushin has visited 84 countries in the last 9 years, and his travels have inspired a series titled "The World in Faces," which endeavors to show the diversity of the world through the portraits of people of different ethnicities, primarily ethnic minorities that are disappearing. 

HOW TO: The Fourth of July may be behind us, but if your photographs of fireworks didn't turn out the way you wanted, check out these tips from Seattle-based photographer John Cornicello, who has photographed fireworks for years. The class he presented on CreativeLive offers some great takeaways.

LIGHTING: Here's something not everyone thinks about: the intensity of light that you shoot your portraits in doesn't just affect the exposure - it also affects the pupil size of your model. This might seem like a really small detail, but pupils that are too small or large look really, really weird! Explore this topic with PetaPixel.

TECHNOLOGY: There's no denying it: the iPhone changed the world, shifting entire industries, from alarm clocks to navigation to calendars, and of course, photography. As the line between 'professional photography' and 'smartphone photography' gets a bit blurrier, share what the iPhone has meant to you.

PROFILE: Sarah Oliphant has been creating scenic backdrops for photographers, film producers, fashion designers, architects, and interior designers since 1978. Her work can be seen behind some of the most famous celebrities and models on magazine covers for Vogue, Rolling Stone, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, The New York Times, and more. Take a look at Fstoppers profile on her iconic work.

IMAGING USA: Get to know the industry professionals who will speak at Imaging USA 2018 in this Speaker Spotlight series! Ryan Armbrust's class focuses on pinup photography in a digital age, and in this article you'll find more info about it... as well as his life motto, his first concert, and what phrases he uses the most!

WORKFLOW: The editing process has a huge impact on the outcome of a portrait, and if you'd like a visual demonstration rather than detailed instructions on how to use editing tools, check out this post from PetaPixel.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at


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