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How You Can Get More Clients, Drones Photography, and Hilarious Animal Photos: Our Top Blog Posts from May 22-26 - PPA Today

How You Can Get More Clients, Drones Photography, and Hilarious Animal Photos: Our Top Blog Posts from May 22-26

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by Trent Schick

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we hope you enjoy your long weekend. While you're relaxing, take some time to check out our favorite photography blog posts from this week!

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY: Talk about perfect timing! Take a look at these amazing sports photos taken at just the right moment in everything from baseball, judo, and Formula 1 racing. Find out what's going on in these crazy pictures from CNN!

DRONES: With the popularity "soaring" for drones, a whole new platform for photography has opened up. Telegraph is promoting this new book, Dronescapes, which features incredible pictures from all over the world taken by drones. You can see a few samples of just how amazing these photos are.

ANIMALS: Get ready to bust out laughing at these animals caught in the act of some hilarious scenes. These critters are hysterical, goofy, and down-right adorable. Flow Art Station has captured some great pictures that are sure to brighten your day.

Q&A: Gain some great insight and advice from a Lensculture interview with Sarah Leen, the Director of Photography for National Geographic. Learn about the advantages of school vs. experience, how to improve as a photographer, and even insider info on National Geographic. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Take a look into the past, of the historical city in England called Leeds. These pictures offer an incredibly vintage and retro feel, by illustrating the style and culture from the time period. See how much our society has changed by checking these photos out on Fubiz.

MARKETING: It's very common for people to struggle with attracting the amount of clients they want, because their marketing strategies and ideas are weak. If you're still wondering why you're not getting the clients you want, you should check out this article by Fstoppers. They show you the marketing mistakes many photographers make, how to fix them, and where you should be putting your focus to be more successful.

REVIEW: You might laugh or even gag at the thought of ever using a disposable camera, but don't be too quick to refuse. In this article by The Phoblographer, six disposable cameras were tested and reviewed to see how they rank up. They provide unedited images and the results are very surprising, especially when you see the price. Try for yourself and even make a fun project out of it, you could be surprised.

MATERNITY: With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, check out this article Peta Pixel posted on a very heartwarming maternity photo. A husband fighting for his country overseas and a pregnant wife in the states never had a chance to take their maternity pictures together. See how this photographer made that happen with this beautiful picture she created.

PRICING: Pricing can be one of the most frustrating things for a photographer. You must consider many factors to land on a price that benefits you and satisfies the customer. Learn from this article at Seniors Ignite how you should correctly price your products and services, and the importance of emphasizing value and how to use it. 

PHOTOVISION: If you haven't heard of PhotoVision, it is an excellent tool for you to access over 500 tutorial videos designed to improve your skills as a photographer. The best part is, if you're a PPA member, PhotoVision is included FREE. Check out some of the latest uploads on PPA Today that include videos which cover in-person selling, marketing to women, sales techniques, and more!

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at


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