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Holiday Family Photo Sessions, The Fight for Copyright: Andrew's Story, and "Disastrous" Santa Sessions a Hit with Clients: Our Top Blog Posts for November 3-10 - PPA Today

Holiday Family Photo Sessions, The Fight for Copyright: Andrew's Story, and "Disastrous" Santa Sessions a Hit with Clients: Our Top Blog Posts for November 3-10

By Mayo Lawal

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We have no idea what the weather is doing, but we do know that whether you are out on the porch or cuddled by the heater, you can relax and enjoy our top 10 blogs from around the web this week.

HOLIDAY: The holiday season is typically a busy time for photographers. So as you begin to equip yourself with candy, treats, and lots of patience, you may want to also check out these invaluable tips on how to go about family photo sessions.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright system in the United States may work well for many creators in the higher-income industries, but not so much for small-business creators. Andrew's story is a perfect illustration of the downside of the current system - a story you can probably relate to.

SOCIAL MEDIA: How much do you think people can tell about you just by looking at your Instagram photos? If your answer was "not much," you are about to be mind-blown by this article based on scientific and psychological analysis from Harvard psychologists.

BUSINESS: As artists, your work environment is typically causal and informal, but this doesn't mean that professionalism can go out the window. This article discusses the do's and don'ts in maintaining a friendly but professional relationship with your clients.

LOCATION: This is the tenth time you are receiving a request for a unique photo shoot in a particular location and you are starting to run out of ideas. The author of this article gives some advice on how to create exceptional experiences in the same location over and over.  

SENTIMENT: Wedding photography goes beyond calculated photo shoots to the ability to capture the perfect, precious moments. Get inspired with these award-winning wedding images that will make you smile.

PHOTO WALK: Photo walks can be very enjoyable and low pressure... just you with your camera capturing whatever appeals to you. Here are seven tips that can make your experience even better!

TECH: You spent several hours editing that photograph to perfection, only to discover when you view the image on a different device, that your monitor had been deceiving you the entire time. Color calibration is vital in photography. Find out how you can ensure color accuracy on monitor by reading this article on Photographylife.

LIGHTING: Most photographers, during outdoor sessions, target the "magic hours" just before or after the harsh sunlight makes it almost impossible to get the lighting right. The author of this article, however, reveals how you can achieve spectacular photos during the middle of the day.

HOLIDAY: For many toddlers, attempting to achieve a photograph of them happily sitting on Santa's laps is a herculean task. But who says you have to? Read the story of Photographer Jeff Roffman who has made an art of capturing the children's true feelings about Santa in Professional Photographer's Magazine.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at


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