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Expectations for Imaging USA 2016, Anne Geddes, Camera Advice, and more: Our Top 10 Blog Posts from November 30- December 4 - PPA Today

Expectations for Imaging USA 2016, Anne Geddes, Camera Advice, and more: Our Top 10 Blog Posts from November 30- December 4


By Nicole McIntosh

It is finally that holiday time of year! Sit down, relax and enjoy our top 10 blogs of the week. 

What Can You Expect from Imaging USA?

IMAGING USA: With Imaging USA coming up, I'm sure many of you are wondering what this event will entail. Check out this blog where you can watch a video to see all the reasons you should go to Imaging USA.

'Live From NYC: The Anne Geddes Experience' Set to Inspire In Time for the Holidays

INSPIRATION: It is not every day that you get the opportunity to watch a photography icon demonstrate their craft live on camera. Read this blog to find out more information on how you can watch Anne Geddes create a brand-new holiday newborn photograph. 

Why Did Photographers Stop Selling Paper Prints?

PRINTS MATTER: Paper prints have slowly disappeared off the scene of the photography world. Missy Mwac posted a blog discussing how the digital age has changed the dynamic of how photographs are stored and shared.

Christmas Photography: The Ultimate Guide to Capturing the Holiday Magic

BE PREPARED: With Christmas around the corner, the moments you will want to capture will be endless. Virtual Photography Studio has just the blog for you to learn ways you can prepare to capture some amazing holiday magic. 

How to Get the Best Color in Your Final Images

CHROMATIC QUALITY: Sometimes photographers lose sense of what is really important when creating a quality image. The Phoblographer posted a blog explaining why color is so significant in the creation of a photo and how you as a photographer can create the best color quality. 

6 Things You Can Do to Improve Image Quality Without Spending a Dime

SAVING MONEY: Most of the time, improving things as a photographer requires you to make some type of financial investment, which can be dreadful for most.  In this blog on Fstoppers, you can learn different techniques to increase the quality of your images without breaking the bank. 

Photographer Wanted $5 per hour - should you take the job?

INDUSTRY:  There are two sides to the argument when it comes to what the client thinks they should pay and what the professional photographer feels that they are worth. On Photofocus they posted a blog discussing both side and how each one can be taken into consideration when negotiating prices.

5 Money Savings Tips for Imaging USA 2016 in Atlanta

TIPS: Having a budget for Imaging USA will be a huge lifesaver for your pockets. Check out this blog and read up on tips that will help you save money for Imaging USA 2016. 

Top November Threads from theLoop

MORE TO READ: theLoop is always filled with topics of advice and questions that all members can relate to. Check out this blog to see what threads were featured for the month of November. 

The Science Behind Digital Camera Sensors

LEARN: Ever wonder how digital camera sensors really work? Check out this blog posted by PetaPixel featuring a video discussing the science and technology behind digital camera sensors. 

There you have it, our Weekly Roundup of our top blog posts! What photography blogs or podcasts do you follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommitee @ 

Nicole McIntosh is one of PPA's Marketing and Communications Interns, yay! Nicole is known for her vibrant smile and the one to laugh even if the sky is falling. A sophomore at Spelman College, she hopes that working with PPA will give her the tools she needs to start her own non-profit organization one day.

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