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Senior Posing: Getting the Poses You (& They) Want - PPA Today

Senior Posing: Getting the Poses You (& They) Want

Ridinger.jpgEver notice that a senior guy never opens up in front of the camera with his mom in the room? That's because he is often wired that way. Mike Ridinger of Ridingers: The Art of Photography in Idaho has learned to work around most of these "problems"...and he's going to share how during his online class, "Senior Posing: How to Get the Poses You (and They) Want" (March 22, 2:00pm ET).

Ridinger takes his job of photographing seniors seriously. In order to better connect with such clients, he listens to their music, watches their TV shows and tries to learn what they like. "XBOX is king with senior guys!" he adds.

Why is knowing that sort of thing important? Well, it's part of Ridinger's number one rule when photographing a senior: direct eye contact and genuine conversation.

(For the actual photography part, he uses a camera stand in the studio and a tripod outside. Yes, he does freehand a bit, but he mostly sticks to the he is "not just a lens sticking in their face.")

At the end of a session, Mike knows he's done his job when a senior boy shakes his hand and thanks him for a great time. Do you want to earn similar reactions from more and more of your senior clients? Join him March 22 at 2:00pm to gather some great ideas.

As Mike says, "Even if you only grab one small piece of information that helps, it is always worth the time to hear that!"

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