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Profitable & Dynamic Camera Raw Processing

diVitale_jim_blog.jpgMost of us want quality control in our image making, but how do you get that perfect exposure again and again? Jim DiVitale, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., API, F-ASP, says that good workflows and pre-processing help, and he'll be sharing more about that during his "Profitable & Dynamic Camera Raw Processing" webinar (May 31, 2:00pm ET).

"It's  all about getting a proper workflow from start to finish, so we can spend more time working with clients and our business--not waste time chasing exposure numbers and fixing things after the fact," DiVitale adds. For example, the point of pre-processing is to get everything right so that when you click the camera, you know what will happen. "Complete, closed-loop calibrations are an important part of that," he says. You need to prepare and calibrate the camera, the monitor and the printer, so that you're ready "from the front-end all the way through to the final archiving and getting things off the camera."

Even when the images are off the camera, you need to have a plan prepared. "We're all hoarders on our computers. We're being strangled by files," DiVitale explains. "To avoid that, you need a process to keep the images flowing, not backing up."

In his upcoming webinar, you'll learn steps for such a process--one that will not only help you create perfect exposures from Adobe Camera Raw, but will also help you speed up the entire production! After all, as a commercial photographer, DiVitale has used a digital capture workflow for a very long time (and for very educated buyers of photography).

Are you ready to learn and apply his winning techniques?

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