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Photoshop Made Easy for Sport & Event Photographers

allen_suzette_blog.jpgText and graphics play a huge part in making eye-catching and dramatic sport and event images, whether they are in a decorative edge, an overlay, or an integral part of a team poster. But using Adobe Photoshop in that way requires a different set of skills.

"In fact, many sport and event photographers don't think they have time to design something cool, so they just do something mediocre," says Suzette Allen, Cr.Photog., CPP, API, an in-demand Photoshop instructor for the photographic industry.

Allen is here to combat that thought. Just watch her webinar, "Photoshop Made Easy for Event Photographers" (May 17, 2:00pm EST)! She'll teach techniques to make "really cool," professional, dimensional text and graphics...and how to do it fast.

"One of the biggest challenges these photographers face in layouts and presentations is efficiency," Allen explains. "They need to turn things around very quickly. And we all know that Photoshop can just eat your life if you're not fluent in it!"
During her webinar, Allen will show you how to (efficiently) make dynamic presentations and templates for group images, posters, Memory Mates and more. She'll also discuss the importance of typography, the craft of making letters and words all look pleasing, balanced and professional. "Typography is something that a lot of photographers don't understand," Allen says. "But it can set your work apart to look excellent, not just good. It can give you that edge."

And that professional edge is very important in the sport and event photography industry. "There's so much competition out there--moms are shooting over the photographers' shoulders," notes Allen. "So, we need to show the customers (the parents) something professional and amazing, something that will make them realize their images can't hold a candle to yours."

You won't want to miss this chance on May 17 to learn Suzette Allen's creative Photoshop techniques that can save you time and increase your profits!


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