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More Bang for Your Babies: August 9 Online Class - PPA Today

More Bang for Your Babies: August 9 Online Class

rouleau_headshot_blog.jpgAs Wendy Rouleau says, "Babies are cute, cuddly...and profitable. Try to name another photography market segment that grows daily and needs your services every few months for at least two years!" But do you know how to plug into that market?

You will when you join Wendy's upcoming PPA online class, "More Bang for Your Babies: Creating a Baby Plan to Grow Your Business" (August 9, 2:00pm ET). She'll share what she learned when creating and implementing her successful baby photography program: Baby Steps.

What's Your Baby Plan's Goal?
"First, you really need to decide what you want the program to accomplish--either lock the clients in or make them want to keep coming back," explains Wendy about what she calls one of the most important steps in creating these programs. "I prefer the latter as those who feel locked in due to some huge, upfront fee are not excited and won't be long-term clients." She suggests the following to encourage repeat baby clients:

  • Give clients confidence in your ability to capture their baby's first couple of years.
  • "Help" clients on session fees, but offer different styles, ideas and products that make them want to keep coming back.
  • Provide clients "little extras," so they feel special (like a proof set for less).

What's a Common Baby Plan "Pitfall"?

Most baby plans are based on clients bringing their babies in for sessions at certain stages. But new parents are often stressed. Will they remember or even make the time?

"One of the hardest things about my program was trying to get the clients in when the babies were just born," Wendy adds. "We would get the maternity session, but it seemed like the baby was at least 3-4 months old before the next session."  Like most of us, Wendy assumed this was simply because the clients' lives were thrown into major chaos. "Then I realized that I didn't show enough images of days-old babies.  Now that clients see what they can have, they do what they need to do to get that baby to me early on."

Where Can You Learn More?

From finding new clients to shooting sessions and selling for a long-term client, Wendy will share what works best for her high-end studio's baby plan. Join her online on August 9, and cash in on her proven ideas!

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