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How to Edit a Wedding in Six Hours

mukherjee_prem_blog.jpgThere's an overwhelming amount of work that comes with each job you do, particularly with a wedding. After the hours you spend covering said wedding, it sometimes takes days or multiple hours to finish the post-production. But what if we told you the editing could be done in just six hours?

That's what Prem Mukherjee has found with his ultra-efficient wedding workflow, and he's going to share his proven methods on February 28 at 2:00pm ET ("How to Edit a Wedding in Six Hours").

Find the Right Software
"I spent years learning different software to try to find the most efficient one for each step of the workflow," he explains. "It seems like between Bridge/Photoshop, you can do just about anything that you need...but that doesn't mean that those are the most efficient tools for each step of the process."

Be Consistent & Decisive
Prem adds that the most important things to remember in editing efficiently are consistency and decisiveness. "I do each job using the same process in the same order every time," he says. "Eventually, it becomes second-nature."

Why is this so important? Well, to Prem, one of the biggest time-wasters is indecisiveness. When you come across multiple single images, do you agonize between them, trying to pick the perfect one? "You need to just pick one and move on quickly," he notes. And though he knows there are infinite ways to process and edit an image, you need to "pick a direction and go for it without second-guessing yourself" and trying out multiple ways. Trust those skills you've been cultivating and trust your artistic instinct!

As Prem says, "The client isn't going to know what it COULD have looked like if you edited differently. They will only know what it does look like based on what you show them." And you'll be able to show them those images that much faster.

Tune in February 28 to learn more from Prem, including what software he uses and HOW he uses it (from start to finish) to edit his beautiful wedding images in six hours.

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