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Blake Discher Taps into the Power of SEO

Discher_blake.jpgProfessional photography and search engine optimization (SEO)...they seem like very diverse skill sets. But there is a connection between them, and if photographers can learn how to strengthen that connection, great results may come.

"I always ask my photography callers how they found me, and I'm amazed at how many say it's from Google or Yahoo! searches," says Blake Discher, a Detroit-based professional photographer and SEO consultant. "Because I am consistently in one of the top three positions for my search phrase, I get about 60 percent of my new clients each year because of good SEO. I think that number will only go up as more people become more comfortable using search engines instead of more traditional business search tools like the Yellow Pages."

As you can see, Discher has firsthand experience with the powerful effects of SEO in the photographic business realm. He's even willing to share that knowledge in the upcoming PPA webinar, "Drive More Clients to Your Website: Tap into the Power of SEO" (March 31, 12pm ET).

Discher was a very early adopter of the Internet as a marketing tool for his photography business. Even though websites for photographers were a "novelty" at that time, he was already doing well when Yahoo! and Google got their starts. He was in the perfect position to stay on top of what the search engines were looking for in a website, constantly tweaking his own site to remain at the top of the listings.

Still, his business was photography--he simply used the SEO skills to increase his visibility (and revenues). It wasn't until a trade organization asked if he'd be willing to share his knowledge with their members that he began to realize he could become a consultant as well. "At the second such presentation, someone said they would be willing to pay me to review their site," adds Discher. "That's what really got it all started for me!"

Since then, he has been helping others tap into the power of SEO, along with shooting for editorial, advertising and corporate clients. For example, Discher pushes the need for relevant body copy on your homepage, including the search phrase you suspect potential customers would use to search for a photographer. If you do nothing else, that is what you should do!

"For example, a wedding photographer in Baltimore might want to optimize his homepage for 'Baltimore Wedding Photographer," Discher explains. "And you should try this optimization technique even if you have a website done entirely in Flash. Flash presents some challenges when it comes to adding body copy as plain-text, but there are several ways to work around that limitation."

Discher is ready to help you get optimized, so tune in March 31st to learn how you can get your website more highly ranked using proper keyword phrases and links, site design, and copywriting that is search engine friendly.

You ready to get "web-smart"?

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