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Whose Copyright Is It... Yours or Your Employee's? - PPA Today

Whose Copyright Is It... Yours or Your Employee's?

Dear PPA Member,

We all know it's difficult to educate clients about the importance of copyright. It used to be that if you retained the film negatives, you didn't have to worry about individuals claiming copyright to your work. But the Internet (and digital media) has changed all that. Copyright issues can even arise between your employees and you.

We often hear these types of questions: Can my employee (or former employee) or independent contractor use my images? They may have shot the image, but who owns it? How does a model release factor into usage rights for employees, former employees, and contractors? If you're not clear on these issues and how to document these rights to your advantage, you may find yourself without any rights to these images at all.

This week's article will help you ensure your rights are clear, which will help you in your business. And don't forget that PPA offers assistance through Copyright Inserts and other resources (available by download) as well as a full-time Copyright staff to help with your copyright infringement issues.

If you have additional questions about copyrights, model releases, or anything relating to employees, let us know. We believe that sharing information with all of our members will help us all succeed. Our goal is to provide you with education, protection, and resources to keep you in business--and we can't do it without your feedback!


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

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