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Vital Signs: Tweaking Senior Portrait Business Models for Success - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Tweaking Senior Portrait Business Models for Success


The senior portrait market has become one of the more uncertain areas of professional photography. There are still great opportunities in this field, and many studios around the country are managing both good volume and strong sales. However, few other retail photographic specialties have been impacted by amateur photographers and part-time pros more than senior portraiture.

"The public isn't educated about professional photography," says Shawna Anundi of Eric John Photography. "Everyone is a photographer now, and a lot of people simply don't understand the difference between the amateur shots Uncle Bob takes and the professional images created by a real pro. As professionals, we need to re-educate our clientele, not only on the art in professional photography but also on the value of that art."

This situation has caused a shake-up in the senior portrait market with many longtime pros forced to re-evaluate the traditional business models. But sometimes change is good. Where innovation thrives, success often follows. Many of the flourishing studios that we've seen have found an express lane to profitability by making a few tweaks to long-established methods.

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