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Vital Signs: The Fundamentals of Saving a Customer - PPA Today

Vital Signs: The Fundamentals of Saving a Customer

Dear PPA Member,

Upsetting a some point in your business career, you're bound to do it.

And what if, unlike other times, it really is your mistake or that of a vendor you're working with? Perhaps you promised some reprints in time for the holidays, but the machinery broke down at your printing company or lab. You're not really to blame, but your client won't see it that way. All they know is that Aunt Frances won't be getting her holiday photo of her favorite niece and nephew.

So what do you do to salvage the relationship and the negative word-of-mouth advertisement that is sure to follow?

It doesn't take much for someone to decide to take their money somewhere else, especially now. Customers leave for a variety of reasons. But there's a chance to save those customers with effective service recovery. We're going to share elements of that chance with you today in Vital Signs.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

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