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Vital Signs: The Delicacy of Handling Upset Clients - PPA Today

Vital Signs: The Delicacy of Handling Upset Clients

Dear (member),

I was an "upset client" recently. What was supposed to be an easy transaction turned into a six-week "I can't make this up it's so bad" fiasco and left me questioning the collective sanity of the store's customer service initiative. (Yes, they actually had one, but it wasn't working.) Several broken promises of call backs and updates, defective products, employees blaming other employees...and in the end? Well, I got what I wanted, but I will never purchase another item or service from that store again.

The bright spot? One manager who recognized that things were being handled so disastrously wrong became my champion for the store--because she saw it from my perspective and took the appropriate steps to make sure the situation was resolved. She followed through on every promise she made to me, offered me solutions, apologized and accepted responsibility for the repeated mistakes--even after I told her it wasn't her fault. She explained: "It's our store. I may not have caused it, but it's our mistake. I have the power to fix it."

For those upset clients you may occasionally encounter, we offer solutions and ideas in this week's Vital Signs. I wish the store's employees had a copy of this article, but they've lost this loyal customer. In this day and age, I've already found a new store that offers me better customer service--don't ever let your customers say the same thing about your services.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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