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Vital Signs: Taking Care of Business with Your iPad (or Tablet) - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Taking Care of Business with Your iPad (or Tablet)

Do you feel pressed for time and always on the move? You're not alone--it's a common occurrence when you're a small business owner (especially a photographer). That's why we at PPA like to share new perspectives in how others handle different business situations, including how to make use of the more mobile tools.

Take, for instance, the Apple iPad® or other types of tablet computers. Such devices can help you become even more efficient in carrying out your daily business practices, whether you download apps or synch to software you already use. 

Use It for Business
"The iPad is perfect for showing prospective clients examples of your work," notes Mark Levesque, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, of Studio Mark Emile. "The portability, screen size and excellent image rendering make you happy to show images that you can easily zoom into and reveal incredible detail. It's much more effective than carrying around a portfolio of prints or showing images on a smartphone."

Now, you probably already know that such a tablet can be great for displaying your images to clients, but are you aware that it can be an effective tool for managing your business (and more)?  Its versatility in your photography business could be extremely high...especially when you consider the multitudes of applications available.  Read more here.

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