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Vital Signs: Sharing the Knowledge - PPA Today

Vital Signs: Sharing the Knowledge

Dear PPA Member,

How did you learn to tie your shoes?

If you're like most of us, someone "shared their knowledge," explaining the need to create a tight knot to keep your sneakers from flying off when you run down the street. And if you were like me, then that person conducted more than one intensive "hands-on" training session. You'll be happy to know that I can tie my shoes now and have passed this knowledge on to the next generation...but I couldn't have done it without learning from someone else.

That example--simple though it may be--is the essence of what speakers do. Speakers have knowledge about a particular topic that they believe is important enough to share with those who are willing to learn. Do you have something to share? Speaking can open up new doors for you, from increasing your reputation with clients to potential honorariums for presentations.

I don't know a single photographer who began his or her speaking career in front of a thousand people at an international venue...but I know a lot of them who are well on their way, and they're sharing how they did it with you this week.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

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